Tricks and Techniques

After cutting the bamboo log to an approximate length of 1.2 m one can easily split the full length in straight strips using the bamboo cutting knife.

By working the knife from top to bottom the wedged shape will force the bamboo in even strips. This can be repeated several times depending on the required width.

In order to continue splitting the pieces it is advisable to remove part of the nodes with the cutting knife. This will prevent uneven splitting later.

Once the strips are becoming thinner one can continue by pushing the bamboo against the knife. It is also possible to use the smaller craft knife for this purpose.

With the craft knife one can remove the most obvious uneven parts or taper the ends in case of a bow for a fighter kite.

By using the plane one can very easily reduce the thickness of the bamboo strips. Due to the hardness of the bamboo the blade will become dull very quickly.