Gwynmor A Shadow in the Mirror
         Sire   : Multi Ch. Jilloc's A Man in the Mirror
Dame : NL Ch. Gwynmor Quicksliver

Date of birth              8th of April 2007
Norbergvalue            36
According FCI norm  Hips  HD A
BAER +/+ 
Complete dentition + scissor bite

DNA registration by the Dutch Kennelclub
Certificated Lemon-gene free
Breeding Allowance Test ( Zuchtzulassung )




Great Grandparents

Great Gr.Grandparents

Int.,Nordic,Danish Champion
World Winner '00
Finish W'99
Swedish W'00+'01+'02+'03

Jilloc's A Man in the Mirror

Swedish Champion

Rocca Al Mare Allegro
Ad Jilloc's


Am.,Finish,Estonian Champion
Cheerio Victory
American Champion
Labyrinth Liberator
American Champion
Cheerio Simply Smashing
Int.,Nordic,Finish Champion NW'96+'97,EUW'96,SW'92+'93'+
Skartofta's Clothilde
Norwegian Swedish Champion
Solbo's Union Jack

Bobbysocks Cha Cha
Int.,Nordic,Danish,Finish Champion
NW'95, Nordic W'99

Ridotto Zoë
Swedisch Champion
Bobbysocks Athos
Indian's Mescalero
Luonnonpuiston Terece
Liberline's Living Doll Int.,Nordic, Champion
Dallas My Swedish Star

Dallas Petticoat Lane
Dutch Champion

Gwynmor Quicksilver

Int.,Dutch,Belgian,Luxemburg, Slovenian,Norwegian,Danish,Finish Nordic,German,UK Champion
World Ch.2002, European Ch.2003 BOB Crufts 2002.
Top Dalmatian 2002 in UK
Top Dog all breeds in 2000 in
the Netherlands
Spotnik's Special Selection 
Norwegian Champion
Spotnik's Quick Quackery
Perdita'sInside Information
Norwegian Champion
Spotnik's New Network
Norwegian, Swedish Champion
Spotnik's Milkmaid
Norwegian,Swedish Champion
Timanka's Talented Clown
Int.Norwegian,Swedish Champion
Spotnik's Emily Brown

Gwynmor Lots of Love

Danish Champion
Gayfield Charles Brown

Jemblewood Playing the Fool

Gayfield Charmian

Perdita's Keep Track
Norwegian Champion, NW'01
Perdita's Just in Time
Norwegian Champion
Perdita's Long Live Love
Date Place Judge Class Result
10.06.2012 Int.Show Lommel   Belgium Mr.Favre                         (Fr)         Open 1 Ex  
27.05.2012 Int.Show Arnhem    Netherlands Mr.Coppens                     (NL) Open 2 Ex  
29.04.2012 Int.Show Lingen      Germany Mr.Peper                         (Ger) Open    Ex  
01.04.2012 Int.Show Luxemburg Mr.Jentgen                       (Lux) Open 4 Ex  
26.02.2012 Int.Show Gent        Belgium Mr.Gonzalez                     (Sp)    Open 1 Ex  
03.02.2012 Int.Show Eindhoven Netherlands Mrs.Erhart                        (NL) Open 1 Ex  
19.11.2011 Int.Show Kortrijk     Belgium Mr.  Hutton                       (USA) Open 2 Ex R CACIB
05.11.2011 Int.Show Bleiswijk   Netherlands Mrs.Besoff                       (Aus) Open 2 Ex  
30.10.2011 Int.Show Leuven      Belgium Mrs.Chwalibog                 (Pol) Open 1 Ex R CACIB
09.10.2011 Int.Show Charleroi   Belgium Mrs.Letroye-Lantin           (Bel) Open 1 Ex  
21.08.2011 Int.Show Mechelen  Belgium Mrs.Wilkinson                   (UK) Open 1 Ex R CACIB
25.06.2011 Int.Show Genk        Belgium Mr.Mania                         (Pol) Open 1 Ex CACIB
12.06.2011 Int.Show Douai       France Mr.Doedijns                     (NL) Open 2 Ex R CACIB
27.05.2011 Int.Show Oss         Netherlands Mrs.Clapp                       (USA) Open 2 Ex  
21.05.2011 Int.Show Wieze      Belgium Mrs. Letroye-Lantin          (Bel) Open 1 Ex Best dog CAC
15.05.2011 Int.Show Goes       Netherlands Mrs.Finnich-Pederse        (Den) Open 1 Ex Best dog CAC CACIB
07.05.2011 Int.Show Dortmund  Germany Mrs.Assenmacher-Feyel  (Ger) Open 3 Ex  
27.03.2011 Int.Show Luxemburg Mrs.Delabelle                  (Bel) Open 2 Ex  
05.02.2011 Int.Show Eindhoven Netherlands Mr.De Cuyper                  (Bel) Open 1 Ex  
29.01.2011 Int.Show Mouscron Belgium Mr.Leenen                       (Bel) Open 1 Ex
31.10.2010 Int.Show Leuven     Belgium Mr.Christian                     (Rom) Open 2 Ex  
23.10.2010 Int.Show Utrecht     Netherlands Mrs.Halff-van Boven         (NL) Open 2 Ex  
15.10.2010 Int.Show Dortmund Germany Mr.Velez Picó                  (Peru)             Ex  
28.08.2010 Int.Show RotterdamNetherlands Mr.Scheel                       (Den) Open 2VG  
21.08.2010 Int.Show Mechelen Belgium Mrs.Pedercini                  (It) Open 1 Ex RCACIB
15.08.2010 CDF Show Büren   Germany Mr.Holtorf                        (Ger) Open 2 Ex RCAC
25.07.2010 Int.Show  Liège       Belgium Mr.De Cuyper                  (Bel) Open 3 Ex  
19.06.2010 Int.Show Uden       Netherlands Mr.Van Dijk                      (NL) Open 3 Ex  
13.06.2010 Int.Show Douai      France Mr.Barenne                      (Fr) Open 3 Ex  
06.06.2010 DDC Show Hilden  Germany       Mrs.Mix                           (Ger) Open 3 Ex  
30.05.2010 Int.Show Giessen  Germany      Mrs.Wilhelm                    (Ger)             Ex  
08.05.2010 Int.Show Dortmund Germany Mr.Coppens                    (NL) Open 4 Ex  
17.04.2010 Int.Show Goes      Netherlands Mr.De Wilde                    (Bel) Open 2 Ex  
28.02.2010 Int.Show Gent       Belgium Mr.Dupas                        (Fr)    Open 2 Ex  
05.02.2010 Int.Show Eindhoven Netherlands Mr.Vretenicic                   (Mont) Open 1 Ex RCACIB
30.01.2010 Int.Show Mouscron Belgium Mrs.Delabelle                  (Bel) Open 2 Ex RCACIB
30.11.2009 Int.ShowAmsterdamNetherlands Mr.Freeman                    (UK)   Open 3 Ex  
14.11.2009 Int.Show Kortrijk     Belgium Mrs.Bregenzel                 (Aust) Open 1 Ex RCACIB
25.10.2009 Int.Show Leuven     Belgium Mrs.Wieremiejczyk -       Wierzchowska                 (Pol) Open 3 Ex  
16.10.2009 Int.Show Dortmund  Germany Mr.Martinez                    (Argent)             Ex  
09.08.2009 CDF Show Büren    Germany Mr.Peper                        (Ger) Open 1 Ex CAC
25.07.2009 Int.Show  Liège       Belgium Mr.Leenen                      (Bel) Open 2 Ex RCACIB
14.06.2009 Int.Show Lommel   Belgium Mrs.HorstenCeustermans(NL)         Open 2 Ex  
03.05.2009 Int.Show Dortmund Germany Mr.Achtergael                 (Bel)   Open 3 Ex  
25.04.2009 Int.Show Genk       Belgium Mr.Chamberlain               (Bel) Open 2 Ex RCACIB
21.03.2009 Int.Show Wieze      Belgium Mrs.De Vries - Hoogland  (NL) IntM  2 EX RCAC
22.02.2009 Int.Show Hoogstraten Belgium Mr. O'Donoghue              (Éire) IntM  1 EX CACIB
24.01.2009 Int.Show Mouscron Belgium Mr.De Wilde                    (Bel) IntM  1 Ex Best dog CAC CACIB
30.11.2008 Int.ShowAmsterdamNetherlands Mr.Sanders                     (NL) IntM  1 Ex CACIB
11.10.2008 Int.Show Charleroi   Belgium Mr.Meyer                        (Fr) IntM  2 Ex  
28.09.2008 Int.Show MaastrichtNetherlands Mr.Rutten                       (NL) Junior2 Ex  
14.09.2008 Int.Show Zwolle      Netherlands Mr.Stubbs                      (Éire) Junior2 Ex  
30.08.2008 Int.Show RotterdamNetherlands Mrs.Kerssemeijer           (NL) Junior2 Ex  
17.08.2008 Int.Show Vejen       Denmark     Mrs.Hubenthal                (Sw) Junior2 VG  
22.06.2008 CDF Show Alpen    Germany Mr.Achtergael                (Bel) Junior1 Ex Jun.CAC
01.06.2008 CDF Show Sinzig   Germany Mrs.Zollinger                 (Switz) Junior1 Ex Best dog  
11.05.2008 Int.Show Arnhem   Netherlands Mr.Vella                        (Malta) Junior3 Ex  
05.04.2008 Int.Show Goes      Netherlands Mr.De Wilde                  (Bel) Junior1 Ex Jun.CAC RCAC
08.02.2008 Int.Show Eindhoven Netherlands Mrs. Katona                  (USA). Junior1 Ex Best dog Jun.CAC CAC

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