Making Stereo Pairs and  Anaglyph Gif Animations

                            with 3D-CAD  


    author:   Hans van Leeuwen, The Netherlands       

                        created: 10-10-2004 for 800x600 display

                        last update: 11-22-2006

                        (This site contains some non-offending  female nudity)





- What is stereo vision?

It is the way we see the world around us. Our 2 eyes give us visual information from a slightly different angle, the brain  combines these two images (the stereopair) into one image with ‘depth’ in it - we can see the third dimension. The two images can be reproduced with a stereocamera (which has two lenses at eye distance) or with two computer generated images.

- What is an anaglyph?

Left and right images are blended into one printed or displayed image in red and cyan. If  you look at it with red and cyan glasses, you will see a perfect stereo-image . The cyan glass eliminates the red, the red glass eliminates the cyan .

- Where can I get anaglyph glasses?

Many bookstores or toyshops sell anaglyph-books with red /cyan-glasses. Surfing  the internet for ‘anaglyph glasses’ will give you many useful adresses like Viewmasterqueen (Europe) or (free glasses!) at  Rainbowsymphony (USA). With a simple printer and some transparency sheets you can even make your own provisional glasses: look here  or here




Stereopairs were modeled with the following 3D-CAD (computer aided design) programs:

- TurboCAD Solid Modeler    

- Rhinoceros 3D            

- 3ds Max                               3ds Max

For making the GIF animations I used:

- Gamani Gif Movie Gear


There are several programs for converting  stereo pairs into Anaglyphs. Please read the next tutorial

in which I also give some adresses where to obtain anaglyph programs.


                     Making Stereopairs and anaglyph animations with CAD   (click)


Obviously a GIF-animation is made from a series of  stereo pairs, which are converted into anaglyphs

and then combined to a movie with the GIF animation program. The animation may contain  movement

of the object(s) in any direction, rotation-loops, scaling, fly-over and walk-through.



            THE IMAGES


   NB. Anaglyphs best can be viewed at a distance of  about 50-80 cm.

   Click the full screen button or F11 key for best quality on a 800x600 display.



                 Anaglyph Animations     - The Animations


                     Anaglyph Stills Slideshow 1     - Animated Slideshow


                            Anaglyph Stills Slideshow 2      - Victorian Beauties


                           Pocket Slide show 1     - automatic mini slideshow




                                 Stereo Pairs Animations     - for parallel stereoview  (no glasses)


                                  Mono Slideshow    - the original color renderings (no stereo)



            About me

            I have been interested in computer graphics ever since the beginning of  PC-history (1980). In 1982

            I wrote my first 3D- program in Basic for the design of simple wireframes.  In the  years thereafter serious

            3D-CAD was mainly employed by professional designers who used dedicated programs on high

            performance computers. Only during the mid 1990’s, when the Pentium-processors came on the market,

            3D-CAD became within reach of  a larger group of  non-professional aficionado's. The combination of

            2 hobbies, 3D-CAD and stereophotography, has led me to these experiments with computer-anaglyphs.




                        howstuffworks/3dgraphics                               (Introduction to 3D-computer graphics)

                                                (CAD info and -products)

                                (3D glasses and -products)

                                                         (General stereo-information / Dutch)

                                                  (General information stereoscopy)

                                       (Stéphane Tsacas - stereo nudes 1900-1930)

                                        (Pierre Gidon – Anaglyphs of the French Alpes)

                          (2D > 3D conversion)

                                              Archives of anaglyph photographs




If you're a big fan of stereo glasses  but your vision isn't quite what it used to be, you might want to look into getting glasses online There are many reasons  why people wear glasses , but regardless as to what the reason is you'll want to look into  eye glasses  sooner rather than later to avoid further damage.There are even designer glasses  for those who are worried about fashion sense.




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