Home page of Henk Robbers.

    A Home Cooked C compiler:   AHCC   aka  ANSI Sozobon (HCC).
    AHCC is a Pure C compatible  compiler/assembler for the ATARI ST and its offspring.

    Changelog of  Version 5.6

    Please download, unzip and read first:   AHCC St-guide hypertext
    Here you find (of jan 17 2017) :
    The 68000 binary distribution
    The 68020+ binary distribution,
    The Coldfire binary distribution
    The source distribution
    AHCC is published under the GPL/LGPL version 2.

    A small tree view and desktop extension: Explode!      readme

    I have written a thread safe and debug friendly malloc system (ANSI C)
    A Home Cooked Memory allocator          (of march 20 2004)

    The new version improves handling of large blocks and comes with
    a ST-Guide manual.
    Read about AHCM before you download and unzip the lot.

     Read about the interactive disassembler:
    Digger V8.1

    tinycalc V1.0: (of februari 8 2013)
    A small utility for the commandline.

    My XaAES tree of 2002. The last version published by me. As is.
    XaAES 2002

    This release is for reference only. I don't guarantee anything, I won't fix anything. It is dead.

    The little natural language time teller.  Hoe Laat is het?     Dutch for 'What is the time?'
         This is very old software. I wrote it in 1972 as a test application for a new
    data communication system. It was the heaviest used for a few weeks. :-)

    You may find a revealing article on an early 1960's example of
    multitasking and memory protection here:
    Real virtual machines

    How I coped with the messy autofolder:
    Multiple booting           (of october 13 2000)

   I hate:
        local prefixes,
        propagating parts of structure names in member names,
        adopting part of  redefined type in typedef name,
        names that try too hard to describe what they name,
        mixed case in names.

    You have:  current professional standards
                          and real professional standards.
    I try to exercise the latter as a hobby.    :-)
    These links describe very accurate my occupations in the period 1968 to 1985

    A trip down memory lane:
         ICL 1900: http://www.icl1900.co.uk
         ICL 2900: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICL_VME


Last updated:   december 1 2017