I have on my TT 6 autofolders.
1: AUTO.TM    TOS on TTM194
2: AUTO.TC    TOS on 17" TFT via NOVA card
3: AUTO.MM    Magic on TTM194
4: AUTO.MC    Magic on 17" TFT via NOVA card
5: AUTO.IM    MiNT/XaAES on TTM194
6: AUTO.IC    MiNT/XaAES on 17" TFT via NOVA card

Each autofolder contains its own CPX folder and its own set of programs and inf files.
I devised a little TTP program that accepts a autofolder name by dropping on its
icon. This name must have one of the above extensions. That determines what
it is gonna be. The current autofolder (no extension) is renemed to what
it was before, then the passed autofolder is changed to AUTO.
Each autofolder has a information to determine its original extension and its
The program is also able to change the name of the NVDISYS folder.
So changing set up is only 2 actions: dropping the autofolder and do a cold start.

The program is so small, its easier to change it and recompile, than write
cumbersome configuration stuff. :-)    So it's the source only.

If you are not a programmer, contact me via email.

You must configure Xcontrol such, that it finds the CPX's in C:\AUTO\CPX\

Download the example program: NOVA_TTM.ZIP