King’s Quest 2 VGA – Romancing The Stones


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Chris van Zyl

From South Africa

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You begin the game on a pier at the Island called Kolyma. Look at the thing in the water then go right. Climb down the ladder, then swim left and get the net. Return to the beach then go [E2X\N3X\E2X\N]. Search the tree to find a mallet, then go up to the town.

Touch the haystack, then listen to the sneezing boy. Enter the town, then look at the statue. Talk to the man, then enter the building next of you. Talk to the librarian 9X, then leave the shop. Go to the door on you’re right, then look at the note on the door. Use you’re sword on the door, then read the letter. Enter the library, then go to the desk. Wait for the girl to look the other way, then quickly take the quill to sign your card. Show it to her, then ask for a book. Read it, then leave the shop and the town.

Go [S2X\W\N] Touch the pumpkin then talk to it. Go [S\W3X] then you will see a little girl. If she’s not here, go left and right until she appears. Talk to her 5X, then save the game. Walk around the forest until you spot a basket, then load the game and find a quick way to get it and bring it back. Give the basket to the girl, then go left and search the log to find a shell. Open it to reveal a pearl.

Go [E\S2X\E] Open the mailbox, then read the card. Knock at the door. Then go [S\E\N]. Search the log, then you will find a set of earrings. Continue right then look at the shiny objects and the rope. Use you’re sword on the rope, then take the coins. Go [N2X\E3X] then look at the Church. Knock at the door. Then go [W\N2X] Enter the town. Drop the coins in the fountain, then tell the man about it. Quickly take the pumpkin, then leave the town.

Go [S2X\W\N] then give the baby pumpkin to mama pumpkin. Talk to her then go [S\W\S] Take a lemon from the tree, then go [S2X\E2X] and fill the bowl with water. Use the lemon on the bowl then go [W2X\N3X\E\N] and give baby pumpkin his drink. Talk to mama pumpkin 2X.

Then go left. Look at the swan and her young, then go [W\S2X] Look at the baby bird, then catch it with your net. Go [N2X\E] then use the baby bird on the swan. Watch it change and fly away then take the feather they leave behind.

Go [E\S3X\E2X] then cross the bridge. Go to the wall, then watch it change into a face. Talk to it, then listen to what it say’s.

Cross the bridge again, then take the paper on the ground. Go [W\N4X] then enter the town. Talk to man 4X. Give him the paper and the pearl, then enter the library. Ask the girl for a book. Read it, then leave the shop and the town.


Go [S2X\W2X\S3X\W2X\N] to the beach. Look at the mermaid, then talk to her. Give her the shell comb, then she will give you a necklace ands a kiss. All of a sudden she will pull you underwater, then you will find out that you can breath water as much as air. Take the seahorse she offers, then you will be taken to King Neptune. Talk to King Neptune 4X, then the guards will take you to the kingdom of the Sharkees.

Ignore the sharks you see, then go [N\W] Go near the wrecked boat then click on it to find a bottle. Look at the bottle, then take out the cloth from the bottle. Go [S\W2X\S2X\W\S\W2X] Look at the small fish, then go to the wall. Now that you know the wall is a fake, go [E2X\N\E\N3X] Look at the plant and the small fishies, then take a plant and put it in the bottle. Use the bottle on the fishies, then pick it up.

Return to the fake wall, [S3X\W\S\W2X] then go through. Follow the tunnel to the end, then look at the giant clamshell. Use your sword on it, then swim through the door. Watch the conversation with King Sharkee, then he will put away the trident and leave. Click on the seahorse to make a diversion, then go to the door. On the right side from above, touch the third panel once then the small one next to the big one on top twice and the fifth one once. When the door opens, take the trident then leave from the way you came. Oh no! the seahorse has followed you, take him to make you’re escape. Ride the seahorse through the long cavern to escape the Sharkee guards, but watch out for the rocks in your way. Once outside the cave, use the trident on the wall. Wham, oh so that’s what happened. The trident sealed the wall to prevent the Sharkee guards from attacking you, ouch!

Return the trident to King Neptune [E2X\N\E2X\S\E2X\N3X\E] After the celebration, you will receive the birth gem and return to shore.


Pickup the fence picket, then go [N\E2X\N\E2X\N2X] to town then show the cloth to the person in the hay. Take the needle he sneezed out, then enter the town. Go to the library, then ask the girl for a book. Read it, then ask for another book. Read it, then leave the shop. Go to the shop on your left, then talk to the old lady. Leave the shop and the town.


Then go [S2X\W4X\N] Walk to the cave entrance, then look at the bat sign above the cave and the two skulls on the sticks. Use the blue gem on the far skull, then use the mallet on the skull. Turn the skulls, then the bat will disappear. Enter the cave, then go to the cloak and search it. Go to the cage, then use the cloth to cover the bird. Unlock the chain with the key, then take the cage. Leave the cave. Then unveil the cage. Look at the bird, then read the letter. Use the mallet on the skull to get the gem, then go [E3X\S\E\N3X] to the town.


Enter the shop. Give the bird to the old lady, then listen to what she say’s. Oh dear, it appears that she’s not a very nice person at all. Poor nightingale. Take the lamp and rub it, then read the note. Look at the statue in the right corner. Touch it to reveal a trapdoor, then go down to the basement. Read the letter on the desk, then take the carpet in the left corner. Suddenly a commotion involves upstairs. When it stops, take the bottle that fell to the floor. Leave the shop and the town.


Then go [S2X] Use the carpet. At the mountain top, go right then look at the snake. Use the necklace to hypnotize it, then go right. Put your hand in the hole of the small mount, then watch a very funny part.

Later, enter the cave then click on the desk. Read the book and look at your sword, then use the fence picket to take off the crystal that is on your sword. Put the flower and the earrings in the flask, then use your sword on the flint stone to light it up. Put the feather and the crystal in the flask, then recite the magic verse. Take the green crystal in the flask.

Leave the cave, then go to the snake. Use the crystal on the snake, then watch a wonderful transformation. Talk to the flying horse 3X, then return to the cave. Look at the inscription on the right wall then wait for the Enchanter to appear. After you made the wizard disappear, leave the cave.


Use the carpet, then go [W3X] Look at the small rocks, then use the crystal on the second last one. Take the bridle, then go right. Use the carpet, then go give the bridle to the horse. Get on the horse, then you will go fly. After the flight and the conversation with the Cloud Spirit, he will give you three tasks. The first task is in Daventry at young age with your friend. While playing bat and ball, the ball fly’s over the wall and hit the King. When he asks who did it, choose number five. The second task is again in Daventry. Now you are king, but a three headed dragon is destroying Daventry. Suddenly a man in a black cloak appears and ask for your crown, try to hit him then choose number three. The third task is also in Daventry, but many years later. You are having a conversation with the brave man Connor who saved your kingdom from the Mask of Eternity. In the courtroom, choose number two to make him a knight. When the tasks are done, you will return to the cloud and receive the birth gem. Take it, then quickly mount the horse.


As you return to Kolyma, day turns to night. You will receive a sugar cube then the horse will fly away. Go right and enter the church, then pray at the altar. Talk to the monk 4X, then take the book from the couch. Read the page, then pickup the paper that falls to the ground. Wear the cross, then leave the Church. Go left and left again. Suddenly, two wolves come towards you and mysteriously pass you by.

After you discover the monk’s true form, go [W3X\S2X] then enter granny’s house. Listen to what she say’s, then go [S\E2X] Talk to the girl, then go [N2X] to the little door build in the tree. Knock at the door, then go right. When you see the dwarf leave, enter through the door then climb down the ladder. Go right, then take the soup from the fireplace and search the chest. Close the lid, then quickly leave the house.

Go [S2X\W2X\N] to granny’s house then warm the soup at the fireplace. Give it to her, then talk to her. Click under the bed to find a cloak and ring, then talk to her 2X. After you hear her sad story, leave the house. After the cut-scene, wear the cloak and ring.


Go [W\N4X\E] to the swamp. Look at the paper you found at the church. Take only the first letters of the poem then follow it until you see a Castle in the distance. Go up then talk to the Ferryman 3X. Give him a gold coin, then you will be taken to the Castle.

Eat the sugar cube then go to the Castle. Go left then look at the tombstone in the middle of the graveyard. Go down then go to the door. The ghosts will fly away and leave you alone. Use the cross on the door. Open it, then you will go in.


Welcome to the Castle of Dracula, bwa ha ha ha! Go up the left stairway, then take the shovel and light you’re candle by the torch. Leave the room, then look at the pictures on the wall. Go up the right staircase, then go right and down to the basement. Go in the left room then take off the cloak. Open the coffin, then look inside. Suddenly a vampire appears, it’s the Count. Now he’s the undead, a Nosferatu. Talk to him, then try to make you’re escape. In a flash, he makes he’s move and push you against the wall. Use the cross and the ring on him, then he will leave. Look in the coffin then take the pillow and the gem of death. Leave, then go up to the Castle entrance.

Go up the left stairway then go up the flight of stairs to the top. Escape through the window, then climb down the wall. Suddenly, three bats appear and push you off the wall. After the vision and the long conversation with the two vampires, talk to the man. Talk to the girl, then talk to the man 2X. Take the ham from the table, then go left and up down the hall.

Talk to the strange, but familiar girl 2X. Open the book she gave you to find a key, then show it to her. Read the book, then talk to the girl. Touch the bookshelf at the wall. Read the black book, then find the name that rhymes with the book on the shelf and push it in.


1.Cinderella, 2.The three little pigs, 3.Little Bo peep, 4.Rumplestiltskin, 5.Romeo and Juliet



 When you found a book called Treasure Island, use the key to open it then read the book. Leave the Castle then Anastasia will give you a bracelet.

Go left then use the bracelet on the ghosts. Look at the headstones in front of you, then use the bracelet on the grave. After the conversation with the ghosts, take the ring that appears. Look at the top left headstone then dig a hole to open his grave. Click on the hole then touch the box to receive a letter. Read it, then go to the Ferryman.


Climb the boat then go [S4X\E5X] to the Church. Enter it, then look around. Read the book you see, then go down to the graveyard. Look at the small headstone in front of Larmon Adnarb, then dig a hole and click on it. Open the chest, then take the tiara. Leave the Church, then go left and left again. Suddenly a wolf will attack you, take out you’re sword then kill the beast. Kill the second one that approach and the third that attacks.


Go [W4X\N2X\E] to the swamp, then use the poem to find the Castle. Go up, then you will see the Ferryman is no longer here. Suddenly three wolves and a werewolf approach, it’s a trap. Look at the reeds on your right, then take one. Dip the needle in the poison water then use it with the reed. Use the dart on the werewolf, then the poison will kill the beast. The Ferryman will return and take you to the Castle.

After the conversation, talk to the man. Leave the Castle, then sail back to the swamp. After the cut-scene, go [S4X\E4X\N3X] to the town.


Go to the library, then ask the girl for a book. Read it, then leave the shop and the town. Go [S4X\E] then cross the bridge.

Oh dear, it appears the plank broke and you’re foot is stuck to the bridge. Suddenly the dwarf appears and demands the gems. Use the gems on the cloth then throw it on the other side of the bridge. Talk to him, then he will give you his knife. Use the knife on the rope between your leg, then the bridge will fall and you will hang. Quickly climb to the ground, then say bye bye to the dwarf.

At the mountain wall, put the blue green and red gem in the holes. After the rock face has spoken, teleport to the Tower Realm.


Wow! what a weird place. Look at the fish in the water then throw your net into the sea until you catch the fish. Set it free, then it will give you a ride to the isle.

On the island, go [E2X] then look at the glowing sand. Touch it, then walk upon it. Look at the words, then touch the sand. You will instantly be teleported to the small island across the sea. Read the words, then pickup the small stone on the sand. Walk upon the glowing sand then look at the symbols that appear. Climb the palm tree then get a coconut from above. Cut it with you’re sword, then dip the half-sized coconut in the water. Pour it on the symbols, then watch another teleporter appear. Go to the blue teleporter to transport back to the isle, then go left and up to the tower.

Look at the lion and the door, then put the disk and stone on the door. Hear them speak, then talk to the lion on the right. Look at the door then press the symbols: cloud sun water earth. In the tower, walk the stairs to the top then look at the lion. Use the crystal on the beast, then watch it transform into a skinny naked old man. After the conversation, take the fur on the ground then open the door.

Inside the room, you will see the girl you saw in the magic mirror. Go to her then wake her up, but it appears a sleeping spell has been cast to prevent her from waking up. Use the crystal on the girl, but no sunlight shines through the window. Push the table and the mirror, then use the crystal on the girl. She will wake and the spell will be broken. Kiss the girl, then Hagatha will appear. After the conversation, put the fur in the youth potion then give it to her. She will be transformed into a beautiful but hairy girl. Push the mirror, then Hagatha will fall out the window. Talk to Valanice, then you will be transported out and into Hagatha’s cave.


Look at the object on the table, then pick it up. Take it, then leave the cave. Outside, you will meet the Count. You and Valanice are transported to the Castle and we see our King getting married to his bride, Valanice. Later, you are both transported to Daventry where King Graham fight’s the evil knight who appears to be the Father. He leaves with a curse and the game ends with a happy ending.


185 points out of 185. 


The End