Pahelika 1 Secret Legends

Pahelika 2 Revelations

Pandora Directive Tex Murphy 

Panic in the Park


Papers, Please (Video WT)


Paradigm - Video WT


Paris 1313

Passage: Path of Betrayal


Path of the Pumpkin, The (Free game)

Pathologic (PDF)

Paul Pixel – The Awakening (iPhone & iPad)

Pavilion (Video WT)

Penumbra (free game)

Penumbra: Black Plague

Penumbra Overture


Perception (Video WT)

Perfect Dark

Perils of Man

Perils of Man - Video WT

Perry Rhodan (German WT)

Perry Rhodan Adventure - The Immortals of Terra/Myth of the Illochim


Phantaruk (Video WT)

Phantasmagoria 1 "Pray It's Only A Nightmare"

Phantasmagoria 2 "A Puzzle of Flesh"

Phobos 1953 (KGB Unleashed) (Video WT)

Phoning Home

Phoning Home


Pilgrim ""Faith as a Weapon"

Pillars of the Earth, The: Book 1 - From Ashes

Pillars of the Earth, The: Book 1 - Video WT

Pineview Drive (Video WT)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Planescape Torment

Planet of the Apes



P·O·L·L·E·N (Video WT)

Pokémon Blue

Pokémon Gold & Silver

Pokémon Red

Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Stadium

Pompeii: The Legend of Vesuvius

Pool of Radiance

Post Mortem

Post Mortem (from MaGtRo)

Prank TV

Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur



Prisonor of Ice 

Prince of Persia 2009: Video Walkthrough
Prince of Persia 3D

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia - Warrior Within

Prince of Persia 2 - Warrior Within (hints)

Project IGI : I'm Going In

Projector Face

Projector Face - Video WT


Prominence (Video WT)

Puzzle Agent:  What is the Mystery of Scoggins ?

Puzzle Agent 2: Return to Madness

Puzzle Agent 2: Return to Madness (Video WT)

Puzzle Bots


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