Chronology 2000
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2000?   Simon seems to have been asked to play at a revival Toyah concert-tour  
2000-..-..   Playing with Jeff Richman, Brandon Fields, Tom Kennedy and Jeff Babko in the United States of Amerika, Los Angelos, House of the Blues.

Live at the Baked Potato, Volume One

Live at the Baked Potato, Volume Two

2000-..-..   Does gig at the Musicians' Institute in the United States, Hollywood.
For that gig Simon put together a special drum kit in BRG. It is an experimental kit that Simon calls a Acoustic Jazz Triple Bass Drum Kit.(from SP-Site´s "Special drum kit 2000 gallery"
2000-..-..   Starts to work together with Chris Pfannschmidt in the 'BitBeats' company, producing samples and drumprogrammes. HALionized - MixTended Creative sound library for HALion
2000-01-..   Playing with Jeff Babko in the "Vantage Point" project, United States, Los Angeles, Cafe Cordiale in Sherman Oaks One live track on Vantage Point.
2000-01/02?   Attended a Zildjian Night On Sunset (probably a NAMM-show), one-off show at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, United States. The event of the evening, the Dave Weckl and Steve Smith Bands Unite for Extraordinary Double Bill Drum concert.  
2000-02-10 2000-02-27 Plays in Toto's "Reunion-Concert" World Tour, part three
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2000-02-10 United States, HI (?) .
2000-02-18 United States, Lake Tahoe .
2000-02-19 United States, Lake Tahoe  
2000-02-21 United States, Anaheim, Sun Theater .
2000-02-23 United States of Amerika, Los Angelos, House of the Blues. .
2000-02-24 United States of Amerika, Los Angelos, House of the Blues. .
2000-02-25 United States, Las Vegas, Desert Inn .
2000-02-26 United States, Las Vegas, Desert Inn .
2000-02-27 United States, Las Vegas, Desert Inn .
2000-..-..   Recording with Michael Dowdle Soulmate
2000-..-.. 2000-..-.. Recording for TM Network Major Turn-Round
2000-..-.. 2000-..-.. Composing and recording with Ray Russell Stadium Rock
2000-04-11 . Recording with Asia (one track 'Never the Way' later released at Armada 1)


Armada 1

2000-04-12 /16   Does a drumclinic in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, Musikmesse (also there were Bill Brufort and Kenny Aronoff
2000-04-17 2000-04-23  Does a drumclinc tour through Germany. Apart from the Koblenz clinic, one of the other concerts was played with Ray Russell (guitar), Andy Timmons (guitar), Gary Willis (bass)
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2000-04-17 Germany, Karlsruhe, Rockshop .
2000-04-18 Germany, Köln, Drumcenter  .
2000-04-19 Germany, Berlin, Sound and Drumland .
2000-04-20 Germany, Barnberg, Percussion center .
2000-04-22 Germany, Markdorf, Drum shop, Bahnhof Fischbach .
2000-04-23 Germany, Koblenz, Drums & Sounds with Gary Willis on Bass (Tribal Tech) and David Fiuczynski on Guitar (Screaming Headless Torso) .


2000-04-27 2000-05-28 Plays in Toto's "Reunion-Concert" World Tour, part four
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2000-04-27 Puerto Rico, San Juan, Munoz Marin Ammphitheatre .
2000-04-28 Trinidad, Port of Spain, Queens Park Oval .
2000-05-02 Panama, Pamama City, Teatro Anayansi  
2000-05-04 Costa Rica, San Jose, Harredura Auditoro .
2000-05-06 Mexico, Guadalajara, Hard Rock Cafe .
2000-05-07 Mexico, Monterey, El Escena .
2000-05-08 Mexico, Mexico City, Auditorio Nacional .
2000-05-25 Untited States of America, San Diego, CA, Humphreys .
2000-05-26 United States of America, Las Vegas  
2000-05-27 Untited States of America, New York, Laughlin, Riverside Casino .
2000-05-28 Untited States of America, New York, Laughlin, Riverside Casino .
2000-06-02 2000-06-03 Rehearsal for the Who concert on june 6. .

Plays with The Who (sitting in for Zak Starkey) for a charity called "The Robin Hood Foundation". United States, New York, Jacob Javitz Center.

2000-06-08 2000-06-25 Plays in Toto's "Reunion-Concert" World Tour, part four (with Jeff Babko replacing Dave Paich)
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2000-06-08 Sweden, Helsingborg, Sundspärlan  
2000-06-09 Norway, Oslo, Youngstorget  
2000-06-10 Denmark, Middlefart, Rock under the Bridge  
2000-06-11 Sweden, Göteborg, Liseberg  
2000-06-12 Sweden, Stockholm, Gruna Lund  
2000-06-14 Sweden, Jonköping, Vast Torget  
2000-06-15 Germany, Köngstein, Burg Köngstein  
2000-06-16 Germany, Wernesgrün, Gutshof  
2000-06-17 Germany, Leipzig, Parkbühne  
2000-06-18 Germany, Rostock, Neptunwerft  
2000-06-20 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Kanalbühne  
2000-06-21 Germany, Bonn, Museumsplatz  
2000-06-22 Germany, Künzelsau, Würth Open Air  
2000-06-23 Switserland, Bex, Bex Rock  
2000-06-24 Germany, Kaufbeuren, Zeltfestival  
2000-06-.. . Does some interviews for the German programm 'Faszination Geschwindigkeit' about 'Speed', main theme racing and drumming. broadcasted on German TV 'Vox', NZZ Format, part 4 Temp Teufel. 27 November 2000 .
2000-07-31   Visits an Alan Holdsworth show togehter with Frank Gambale and 98 others, in the Unted States, Los Angeles, Baked Potato .
2000-08-03 2000-08-15 Plays in Toto's "Reunion-Concert" World Tour, part five (with Jeff Babko replacing Dave Paich)
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2000-08-03 Germany, Hamburg, Stadtpark  
2000-08-04 Germany, Worms  
2000-08-05 Switserland, Emmen-Eschenbach, Open air  
2000-08-06 Germany, Trier, Amphiteheater  
2000-08-08 France, Vienne, Theatre Antique  
2000-08-09 France, Vaison la Romaine, Theatre Antique  
2000-08-10 France, Golfe Juan, Theatre de la Mer  
2000-08-11 France, Colmar, Parc des Exposition  

Hungary, Budapest, Formular 1 Grand Prix in Budapest, Hungaroring


Appearence in "Lotto-Show" on a Hungarian TV channel.

Hungary, Budapest, Petofi Csarnock, Open air (During the afternoon Simon visits the racing at Hungaroring, togehter with some celebrities like world snooker champion Stephen Hendry and Emma Parker-Bowles, daughter of the consort of the Prince of Wales, TV presenter Chris Evans. and Jeff Babko, keyboards player)

2000-08-15 Bulgaria, Sofia, National Palace of Culture  
2000-08-15 After the show, the whole bunch, including Jeff Babko and jung Trevor Lukather, went to 'Mr Punch Club' in Sofia for a jamsession with local musicians.  
2000-09-20 .

Plays with David Garfield, Abraham Laboriel Sr, Steve Tavaglione at "A special night of Contemporary Jazz", United States, Los Angeles, Cafe Cordiale


Cooperates with Eddie Kramer (Jimmi Hendrix producer) to put Shure Microphone KSM44 to the Test in an LA Studio by Mark Brunner The eagerly awaited Shure KSM44 Studio Microphone enjoyed its first test drive for the public during AES 2000 in Los Angeles. Shortly after we began to comb our endorser roster for the perfect one-day session band. Kramer was a given, but what about the band? A powerful core was assembled when drummer Simon Phillips and guitarist Steve Lukather bought into the concept. Immediately, they began shouting names at us. Jeff Babko (piano)! Jimmy Johnson (bass)! Lenny Castro (percussion)! We had a band in a matter of minutes. Once all schedules were confirmed, we were on our way. [...] By 4 PM the setup was complete and the band was ready to roll. They decided to "warm up" with an instrumental, an odd-time musical calisthenic exercise called "Party in Simon's Pants." [...] Two takes of "Party" were enough to beat all of us into submission and set the comfort level in order to move on to the next piece, "Little Wing." [...] Less than two hours after tape began rolling, we had two complete songs and the pressure was mounting to clear away trip lines and road cases that would interrupt traffic flow through the studios later that evening. A transit strike and rare rain showers could not keep the stream of guests from arriving at NRG. By the time Eddie Kramer had returned from dinner with session guitar great Jeff Baxter (a surprise visitor), NRG was in full festivity mode. The crowds mulling through studio B examined what was left of the afternoon setup and waited anxiously to hear the tracks. (see for more information)


Played with Jeff Babko the launch gig, called 'Post Hard Bob', for "Vantage Point" US-release, featuring Dave Carpenter (Bass), Brandon Fields (Tenor & Soprano), Walt Fowler (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), United States, Hollywood, Baked Potato

2000..-..   Simon seems to have been working togehter with the 'Wright Thing'. This band is Jaon Wright's, and occaisionally performs with guest muscians. Charles Simmons, who is a 'Wright Thing' bandmember, clames to have had a live performance with SP and Steve Lukather in Stuttgart (Germany) in autumn 2000.  
2000-09-30 2000-10-03 Does a clinic tour in the United Kingdom, England. The first UK clincs since early 1980'.
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2000-09-30 United Kingdom, Southend, PMT .
2000-10-01 United Kingdom, Birmingham, Drumfest, Birmingham Conservatoire School of Music .
2000-10-02 United Kingdom, Doncaster, Electro Music .
2000-10-03 United Kingdom, Glasgow, McCormacks .
2000-10(?)   Recording with Dana Winner Unforgettable

The drummers Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff and Mel Gaynor recorded a soundlibrary for "ddrum4 Mega Drumkits Signature Series 2" and the first Atmos 5.1-Surround-Recording Session called 'Surrounded by Drums' at Galaxy studios in Belgium (the city of Mol). The drummers used their own typical setup with drums and cymbals. It's their tuning, their choice of drum heads etc. All sounds recorded are played by each individual drummer. More recordings were made than released at the surrounded by Drums DVD, in 2004 though (some of) these are released under the titles "Artist Drums" and "Artist Grooves"

ddrum4 Mega Drumkit Signatures, Series 2

Surrounded by Drums

Artst Drums

Artist Grooves

2000-10-05 2001-02-16 Recording, writing, engeneering and Co-producing with Derek Sherinian


The Making of Inertia

2000-10-13 . Together with Walt Fowler, Larry Klimas, Alex Ligertwood, Micheal Landau, Steve Lukather and others, presents a song an a cake for best wishes for the coming next year to David Garfield at his birthday celebration  
2000-10-23   Visits a King Crimson concert in the United States, Los Angeles, House of the Blues  
2000-11-04   Playing at the Montreal Drum Festival, Canada, Montreal.. Other drummers on this Festival were Alex Acuña, Will Kennedy, Greg Bissonette, Zoro, Maureen Brown, Virgil Donati (with Planet X), Richie Garcia, Tommy Igoe, Jabo Starks and Clyde Stubblefield .
2000-11-21   Steve Lukather will receive the MVP Award at this year's LA Music Awards, taking place at The Beverly Hilton Hotel International Ballroom, 9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills. He will also perform one tune with Simon Phillips, Jeff Babko and Phil Soussan. .
2000-12-22   Playing with Jeff Babko in the "Vantage Point" project, United States, Beverly Glen, Rocco .
2000-12-23   Playing with Jeff Babko in the "Vantage Point" project, United States, New Baked Potato .


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