Chronology 2003
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2003-..-.. 2003-..-.. Recording with David Garfield Giving Back
2003??   Recording and arranging with Melvin Lee Davis Nature's Serenade
2003??   Recording with Matthias Heimlicher, recording bass-tracks and 'back-tracking' Running back to You
2003-01-16   Recording the solo track 'Manganese'. Simon writes: "Manganese took about a day to compose [...] After getting sounds, throwing on the pones and learning the chart we cut the tracks in just a few hours - nice and live and full of energy. [...] [R]eady to mix and that took all of a day.[...] Modern Drummer Magazine Presents: Drum Nation Volume 1
2003-01-21 2003-02-19 Plays with Toto, the 'Through the Looking Glass' Tour. third part .
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2003-01-24 France, Lyon, Halle Tony Garnier  
2003-01-25 France, Marseille, Dme  
2003-01-26 France, Nice, Nikaia  
2003-01-27 France, Montpellier, Zenith  
2003-01-29 France, Pau, Zenith  
2003-01-30 France, Bordeaux, Patinoire Mariadeck  
2003-01-31 France, Grenoble, Summum  
2003-02-01 France, Metz, Galaxie  
2003-02-03 France, Lille, Zenith Arena  
2003-02-04 France, Paris, Bercy  
2003-02-05 France, Rouen, Zenith  
2003-02-06 Germany, Mannheim, Rosengarten  
2003-02-08 Italy, Milano, Palatucker  
2003-02-10 Switserland, Neuchatel, Patinoire du Littoral  
2003-02-11 Germany, Boblingen, Sporthalle  

Germany, Erfurt, Thüringenhalle

2003-02-14 Germany, Fürth, Stadthalle  
2003-02-15 Netherlands, Zwolle, IJsselhal  
2003-02-17 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Heiniken Music Hall
25th Anniversary live in Amsterdam
2003-02-18 United Kingdom, London, shepherds Bush Empire  
2003-02-19 United Kingdom, Manchester, Apollo  
2003-03-03 2003-03-07 Recording with Steve Lukather (Guitar) and John Pierce (Bass) two Jimi Hendrix songs, "3rd Stone from the sun" and "Hear my train a comin". The tracks will be released in a two volume tribute to Hendrix project. The project will have two tracks for each guitarist or band involved: one volume with one track per guitarist and the next volume next year with the second track .(SP also engeneered and mixed the songs)

Voodoo crossing, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, vol 1

Gypsy Blood, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, vol 2

2003-03- 2003-05-27 Mixing the DVD recordings made with Toto on February 17 during the Amsterdam Concert.  
2003-04-17 2003-04-26

Plays with Toto, the 'Through the Looking Glass' Tour. fourth part .

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2003-04-17 United States, San Diego, CA 4th & B Theater  
2003-04-18 United States, Anaheim, CA House of Blues  
2003-04-19 United States, Agoura Hills, CA Canyon Theater  
2003-04-23 United States, Westbury, NY, Westbury Music Fair  
2003-04-24 United States, New York, NY,.B. King's  
2003-04-25 United States, Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Wolf Den  
2003-04-26 United States, Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Wolf Den  
2003-06-09   Plays at the Z-Nights, LA West Coast Artists Session

2003-06   Hall of Fame of Modern Drummer Magazine
2003-06-19 2003-06-22

Plays with Toto, the 'Through the Looking Glass' Tour. fifth part . featuring Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, Mike Porcaro and Greg Phillinganes (who takes over of David Paich)

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2003-06-19 Germany, Bonn, Museumsplatz  
2003-06-20 Switserland, Wohlen, 2nd Sound arena Festival  
2003-06-21 Germany, Ravensburg, Oberschabenhalle  
2003-06-22 Germany, Potsdam, Stadwerke Open Air Neuer Lustgarten.  
2003-07-05 Germany, Karlsruhe, Europahalle  
2003-07-06 Germany, München, Tollwood Festival  
2003-07-08 Italy, Lucca, Piazza Napoleone  
2003-07-10 Italy, Ravenna, Riolo Teme Frogstock Festival  
2003-07-11 Italy, Turino, Extra Festival  
2003-07-12 Italy, Padova, Prato della Valle  
2003-07-14 Italy, Rome, Fiesta Festival  
2003-07-17 Switserland, Zürich, Live at Sunset  
2003-07-20 France, Patrimonio (Corsica), Nuits de la Guitare  
2003-07-24 Denmark, Langerlands, Festival  
2003-07-26 Germany, Ahaus, Open Air  
2003-07-27 Netherlands, Tilburg, 013  
2003-07-28 Netherlands, Tilburg, 013  
2003-07-31 France, Toulon, Six Fours Las Voix du Gaou  
2003-08-01 Monaco, Monte Carlo, Sporting Club  
2003-08-02 Monaco, Monte Carlo, Sporting Club  
2003-08-08 Norway, Sandefjord  
2003-09-05 Tahiti, Papeete  
2003-09-11 New Caledonia, Noumea,  
2003-09-12 New Caledonia, Noumea,  


2003-08-25   Simon Phillips and Lipstick Records stop working togehter  
2003-09-18   Plays with David Garfield (Contemporary Jazz) Featuring Alphonso Johnson, Rick Braun & Brandon Fields at United States, Sherman Oaks, Cafe Cordiale  
2003-09/10-.. 2003-...-..

Recording for José de Castro together with Melvin Lee Davis, recordings done at Coy-sound studios.

José told us following: "I only wrote to them [Simon and Melvin] on their website. The answer of both were the same, "If we don't like what you do, we don't do it, because in this kind of style of music we have to be on the right height of what we do". You can imagine the pression that it supposed to me waiting to know the answer. When they told me Yes, It was incredible. What I do was to sent them the sessions with the guitars recorded on my home and the drums and bass programmated, and they recorded their parts in their studios. It was really easy and economic to work in this way. Since then, we keep a good relation and it is possible that on October or November, I am on tour in Europe with Melvin. It is not still confirmed but we'll see what happened."
The recordings for this album were finished in December, we assume SP did his tracks in September/October

For more information about José de Castro, please visit his website.

Music Guitar Box
2003-10-17 2003-12-23 Plays with Toto the 'Night of the Proms 2003 Tour'. Toto will play 5 tunes a night. Besides Toto the program is Il Novecento Orchestra (conducted by Robert Groslot), Fine Fleur Choir, Xuefei Yang on classical guitar and John Miles & Electric Band (among others). In this period Toto will work on a new studio album.
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2003-10-17 Belgium, Antwerpen, Sportpaleis Night of the Proms 2003
2003-10-18 Belgium, Antwerpen, Sportpaleis  
2003-10-19 Belgium, Antwerpen, Sportpaleis  
Due to illness Simon Phillips replaced by Jon Farriss of INXS untill 29.10., from than on by Ricky Lawson. All dates dates and places mentioned here, were done without SP on drums.
2003-10-23 till 2003-11-13 Belgium, Antwerpen, Sportpaleis  

2003-11-18 till

Netherlands, Rotterdam, Ahoy  
2003-12-03 till 2003-12-23

Germany, Bremen, Stadthalle
Germany, Hamburg, Colour Line Arena
Germany, Hannover, Preussag Arena
Germany, Oberhausen, Arena
Germany, Erfurt, Messehalle
Germany, München, Olympiahalle
Germany, Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle
Germany, Frankfurt, Festhalle
Germany, Dortmund, Westfalenhalle
Germany, Köln, Kölnarena



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