Chronology 1957 - 1972 
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1957-02-06 . Born in London, United Kingdom as Simon Peter Phillips. Simons father is Sid Isadore Simon Phillips, his mothers name is Judith. .
1960-..-..  . Starts to "play" the "drums" (on "pots and pans").  .
1961-02-06 . Gets his first drumkit (some toy model)  
1962-02-06 . Gets his first snare and one cymbal  
1963-..-.. . 'Sitting in' with the Sid Phillips band during a BBC recording session, recording two songs at Aeolian Hall, BBC studios in Bond Street, London. first playing his snare and cymbal with Dave Rogers playing bassdrum and HiHat, later with his first drum kit - Edgeware "Blue Pearl" kit - 20" kick, 12" rack tom, 16" floor tom, snare, all with calf heads. It is not known if these recordings are (to be) released
1963-..-.. 1969-..-.. Goes to Winchester House School  
1965-..-.. . Learns drumnotes, drum teacher is Max Abrams at Winchester House School .
1965-..-.. 1969-..-... Starting to sit in with the Sid Phillips Band at dances  
1969-..-.. ? Goes to Bushey Meads Comprehensive School  
1969-..-.. . Gets his first Zildjian Cymbals .
1969-09.-..  1973-05-..  Gigs and tour with the Sid Phillips Band. (7 gigs at least) .
1971-..-..   Meets Buddy Rich after a show at Hemel Hempstead Pavilion, United Kingdom. Plays in the same venue a week later  
1971-06-10 . Recording with Sid Phillips and his Band  Fascinating Rhythm
1972-..-.. 1972-..-.. Recording with Sid Phillips and his Band Two Generations


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