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1973-..-.. 1973-..-.. Playing in the show 'Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat', United Kingdom, London, West End, Albery Theatre. Short time co-operation after a car accident of the former drummer. The show startet after two hours rehearsal!! .
1973-..-.. 1974-12-.. Playing in the musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar', United Kingdom, London, West End, Palace Theater (recommended by the JCS-pianist Dave Cullum, who used to play with Sid Phillips) In Dutch Drummers Magazine Slagwerkkrant (1983 Issue), Simon tells that het played six nights a week
1973-..-..   Starts to do sessions in London  
1973-..-..   Recording for films, tv-spots, commercials, records for children and demos  

Recording a 4-track demo for Paul Nicholas

In an 1999 interview done by Mark Walker, SP states: "[...] What really happened was a piano player called Dave Cullum used to play with my Dad, and he was also doing Jesus Christ Superstar at the Palace Theatre, and he recommended me as the drummer for that. And from there, by doing that show and being onstage with actors, some of whom were more musicians than actors, and they wanted to do demos, that's sort of how it started. I remember doing a demo for Paul Nicholas, and you know, you turn up to a dreadful studio, in Denmark Street, 4 track, I'm talking about ’73, there were still plenty of 4 track studios about, I don’t remember the name of the studio. But obviously Paul had a bass player and a guitar player, and I think the bass player, we swapped telephone numbers. And then he'd be doing something else and he'd recommend me, and you know, this would sort of continue, and you'd start doing those little sessions, [...]"

In the 1999 autobiography of Paul Nicholas, "Behind the Smile - My Autobiography", it says on page 96: "[...] He (Barry Manilow) was playing the piano and singing. I didn´t know who he was, but I couldn´t belive how good his songs were. I thought they were classy. So much so, that we had a drink with Barry afterwards and I told him I made records and that I would like to record a couple of his songs. He gave me some demos and later I recorded one of them entitled "I Am Your Child". I still have the demos."
Here we probably talk about the singles "I hit the Jackpot" b/w "Falling in love with You" 1974 7" Single Arranged and Produced by Nicky Graham and "D.J.:Saturday Night" b/w "Lovely Lady" 1974 Single. Produced by Steve Stevenson. As it seems -regarding Richards ears- SP does not play at D.J.:Saturday Night but could play on "I hit the Jackpot"

I hit the Jackpot

After Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson had left Mott The Hoople, they put together a band to record Ian's first solo album. Mick went back to the UK and recruited Geoff Appleby (formerly from the Rats) and Simon Phillips. In the Mott The Hoople biography, Ian Hunter confirms this and tells that Simon was not allowed to go abroad for performances by his father. Ian says all this took place between December 1974 and January 1975, since Simon's father died in 1973, it must have taken place in that year. At the end Dennis Elliot (ex If, later with Foreigner) filled in for Simon.
A slightly different answer was given on an question put on the official Ian Hunter website by Richard. "Simon Phillips was earlier at the very end of Mott. We just played together one day quite by chance and got on well. Simon was 15 at the time and went on to be one of Britain's greatest drummers. His father, Sid, led a big band called Sid Phillip's Orchestra. Later, after I'd left MTH asked him to join us, but his Dad wouldn't let him go to the U.S. and that was part of the deal at the time" On the question Hans put on the list if Ian ever made recordings of the gigs done with Simon, the reply was "No, but it would have been fun." Thus: Ian and Simon played together, all right, and as a reply on Richard's question we learn that Ian "just sat and jammed 'Memphis' with Simon Phillips one day".

1973-05-23 . Simons father, Sid Phillips dies. .
1973-..-..   Recording with Joe Banana and his Bunch Do It Again
1973-..-..   Recording for Linsey de Paul (sometimes written as Lindsey de Paul), probably (a re-recording of) the song "rainbow"  


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