Chronology 1974

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1974-..-.. . Starts to play double bass drum, inspired by a catalogue of Ludwig Octaplus and the drumming of Tommy Aldridge, Billy Cobham and Cozy Powell. In an interview SP states that saw Tommy Aldridge turned him onto double bass drums after seeing a show of Black Oak Arkansas on The Old Grey Wistle Test. Gary Husband states after asked why he plays left hand on the hi hat occasionally, that he was influenced by Billy Cobham to do so after seeing a show on the Old Grey Wistle Test. Husband presumes SP made the same expierence then too. .
1974-..-.. 1974-..-.. Recording with Robert Palmer Sneakin' Sally thru the Alley
1974-03/04-.. 1974-04-..

As John Turnbull assembled "The Loving Awareness Band", the band worked with several drummers; SP was one of them in March/April 1974. Loving Awareness featured John Turnbull (guitar, vocals) Norman Watt-Roy (bass, vocals) Mickey Gallagher (keyboards). Obviously no recordings were made in this setting.

1974-06-.. 1974-07-.. Recording with Dana Gillespie Ain't gonna play no second fiddle
1974-08-07 1974-..-.. Recording with Andrew Lloyd Webber The Odessa File
1974-..-.. 1974-..-.. Recording with Maynard Williams Ten Songs
1974-..-.. 1974-..-..

Playing at the Dana Gillespie, 'Ain't gonna play no second fiddle-Tour'

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Fall 1974 United States, New York, Reno sweeney's.  
Fall 1974 United States, Philadelphia, Bijoux Café.  
1974 United Kingdom  
  No further data available yet (tour lasted one month)  
1974-..-.. 1975-03-.. Recording with Chopyn Grand slam


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