Chronology 1976

On or from  Untill Description  Activity leads to release of
1976-..-.. 1976-..-.. Recording with Edwin Starr Afternoon Sunshine
1976-..-..  1976-..-..  Recording with Mr.Big

Mr. Big / Photographic smile 

1976-..-.. 1976-..-.. Recording with Engilbert Jenson Jenson
1976-..-..  1976-..-..  Recording with Bonny Tyler The world starts tonight
1976-..-..  1976-..-..  Recording with Albert Hammond My Spanish album
1976-..-..  1976-..-..  Recording with Steve Ashley  Speedy return
1976-..-..  1976-..-..  Recording with Metro Metro
1976-..-.. 1976-..-.. Recording with the Richard Hewson Orchestra Love is
1976-..-.. 1976-..-.. Recording with Stuğmenn Tívolí
1976-01-.. 1976-01-.. Recording with Veronique Sanson Vancouver
1976-02-27 1976-02-28 Plays (for 3 weeks) with Veronique Sanson, France, Paris, L'Olympia. One of the shows seems to be broadcasted by French TV (this means a video must exist). Simon and Mo Foster were indipendently booked and did not know each other befor the gigs. Mo Foster says in an interview: "Trivia: those concerts were the last time Simon used a single bass-drum kit."
Live at the Olympia
1976-04-.. 1976-08-... Recording with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice Evita
1976-05-.. 1976-06-..  Recording with Brian Protheroe I/You
1976-08-03 1976-08-17  Recording with David Coverdale (one song of the sessions landed on the Northwinds album, another had to wait untill the re-release of Northwinds in 2000)

White Snake


1976-07 1976-09

Joins 801 for a six weeks experiment featuring: Phil Manzenera, Brian Eno, Francis Monkman, Lloyd Watson and Bill MacCormick.

On or from 


Activity leads to release of

1976-07-30? United Kingdom, Norfolk, Cromer (some small venue). Rehearsals, three weeks before the concerts stated

Tapes have recently been discovered. Expression Records are looking into the possibility of releasing them


United Kingdom, Reading Festival 

Floating in Sequence 

Music for Fans vol 2 

Dali's Car 

1976-09-02 United Kingdom, London, Cromer ??


1976-09-03  United Kingdom, London, Queen Elisabeht Hall

801 Live 


1976-..-. 1976-..-. Recording with Dave Greenslade  Cactus Choir
1976-09-.. . Joined the Jack Bruce Band  .
1976-10-.. 1976-12-.. Recording with Jack Bruce How's tricks

Plays with Dave Greenslade on a one off show to promote the release of " Cactus Choir"r, United Kingdom, London, The Roundhouse.

1976-11-.. 1977-01 Recording with Ray Russell for Ready or Not. Also see the Chronology July 1977 entree. Ready or not


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