Chronology 1979
On or from  Untill Description  Activity leads to release of
1979-..-..  . Starts to play Tama drums .
1979-..-..  1979-..-.. Recording with Winds of Change Illusions
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Lending (?) his drums to Al Izzo and/or Buz Buchanan for the recording of Jeremy Spencer, he is mentioned in the credits  Flee 
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Recording with Chris Rainbow White trails 
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Recording with Art Garfunkel  Fate for breakfast. 
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Recording with Louis Clark (Per-Spek-Tiv)n.
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Plays, as far as we know, the song Danger Money with UK on BBC's "Old Grey Whistle Test" or "Top of the Pops" because UK-drummer Terry Bozzio, as an US-citicen, was not allowed to play in the UK at that time . The sound of the track seems to be mr. Phillips, the mime on TV was mr. Bozzio. .
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Recording with Duncan Browne Streets of fire 
1979-..-.. 1979-..-.. Recording with Judy Tzuke  Welcome to the Cruise / Stay With Me Till Dawn
1979-01-.. 1979-02-.. Recording with Shankar and Frank Zappa Touch me there 
1979-04-..  1979-04-.. 

Plays at Jeff Beck's World Tour, part 2.1.
With Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas and Stanley Clarke

On or from  Place  Activity leads to release of
1979-04-.. France  .
1979-05-..  1979-06-.. Recording with The Men (later known as the Human League)  I do'nt depend on you
1979-06-22  1979-07-13 

Plays at Jeff Beck's World Tour, part 2.2.
With Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas and Stanley Clarke

On or from  Place  Activity leads to release of
1979-06-22  Netherlands, Amsterdam (or Carmine Appice on Drums) .
1979-06-26  Netherlands, Amsterdam .
1979-06-30  Denmark, Roskilde, Roskilde Festival  .
1979-07-01 Norway, Horten .
1979-07-03  France, Paris, Pavillion des Paris .
1979-07-04 France, Paris, Pavillion Pantin  .
1979-07-05 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Jaap Eden Hal
1979-07-07 Austria, Vienna .
1979-07-10 France, Paris, Arenas de Frejus .
1979-07-13 Spain, Barcelona, Theatre de Barcelona  .
1979-07-..   Changes from Ludwig drums to Tama Drums  
1979-07-. 1979-07-. Recording with Bernie Marsden And About Time Too
1979-11-22  1979-11-. 

Recording with Stanley Clarke (in Bellingham, Washington US)

Rocks, Pebbles and Sand
1979-??   Plays with Stanley Clark, Steve Bach on keyboards, Icarus Johnson on guitar, in the United States, Denver, Colorado  
1979-??   Meets Chick Corea and George Duke at occational beers (or pepsi?) with Stanley Clarke and/or Jeff Beck  
1979-11-.. 1980-08-.. Recording with Jeff Beck (Rick Laird [later Mo Foster], Jan Hammer) There & Back 
1979-11-.. 1979-12-.. Recording with Mike Rutherford Smallcreep's day 


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