Chronology 1980
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1980-..-.  1980-..-.  Recording with Adrian Snell The Passion 
1980-..-.  1980-..-.  Recording with Michel Berger Beausejour 
1980-..-.. 1980-..-.. Recording with France Gall Paris France - Il Jouait Du Piano Debout
1980-..-.. 1980-..-.. Jamming with Trevor Rabin and Jack Bruce for and during the 'Wolf' sessions. Tapes are lost untill this moment. Trevor seems to be looking for them. .
1980-..-.  1980-..-.  Recording with Trevor Rabin (there seems to be tapes of jamming session by Jack Bruce, Trevor Rabin and Simon Phillips, done around the recording sessions for this album) Wolf
1980-..-.  1980-..-.  Recording with Eric Stewart Girls 
1980-..-.  1980-..-.  Recording with Jon Anderson Song of Seven
1980-..-.  1980-..-.  Recording with Roxy Music  Flesh and blood
1980-03-..?  . Playing with Eef Albers and Peter van Straten at an Zildjian/TAMA-clinic, Netherlands, Hillegom .
1980-..-.  1980-04-14  Recording with Pete Townshend Emptyglass
1980-05-.. 1980-06-..

Recording with Michael Schenker Group.
Michael Schenker sayns on his website his manager Peter Mensch arranged Simon Phillips and Mo Foster, both recording with Jeff Beck at that time, "and they seemed the perfect choicc for the first MSG-Album", so Schenker. "Roger Glover heard about it and offered to produce the album. It all fits togehter and we called ourselves The Michael Schenker Group. Schenker asked Phllips for the following Tour, due to the appointments made for the Stanley Clarke Tour, Simon was not able to do this.

The Michael Schenker Group 
1980-07-.. 1980-08-...

Playing at the Stanley Clarke 'Rock, Pebbles and Sand-Tour
With Stanley Clarke (Bass), Charles Johnson (Guitar), Steve Bach (Keyboards)

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1980 Netherlands, Den Haag, North Sea Jazz Festival .
1980-07-09 Switserland, Montreux, Casino, Montreux Jazz festival Live at Montreux, broadcasted by French television TV5
1980-..-.. United States, New Jersey, Horns Too This gig was filmed

Japan, Tokyo, Sennenn Colosseum.

Here Simon meets Bunny Brunel, Bass player with Chick Corea at that time

Broadcasted by Japanese Radio FM Tokyo 'Live under the Sky'
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1980-08-.. 1980-08-.. Recording with Duncan MacKay Visa
1980-08-31 1981-03-10  (continuation on next site)

Plays at Jeff Beck's, There & Back Tour,
featuring Jeff Beck (guitars), Mo Foster (Bass), Tony Hymas (keyboards)

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1980-08-31 United States, Spokane  .
1980-09-01 United States, Vancouver, Orpheum Theater .
1980-09-05 United States, Berkeley .
1980-09-06 United States, San Diego, Open Aire Theater  .
1980-09-08 United States, Los Angeles, Greek Theatre .
1980-09-09  United States, Los Angeles, Greek Theatre .
1980-09-13 United States, Dallas, Convention Centre .
1980-10-03 United States, Sunrise, Sunrise Music Theatre .
1980-10-04 United States, Lakeland .
1980-10-05 United States, Atlanta, Fox Theatre .
1980-10-07  United States, New York, Capitol Theatre  .
1980-10-08  United States, Philadelphia .
1980-10-09 United States, Amherst, University of Mass. .
1980-10-11 United States, Cape Cod, Cape Cod Colliseum .
1980-10-12  United States, New York City, Paladium (2 shows) .
1980-10-14 United States, Washinton, Constitution Hall  .
1980-10-16  United States, Detroit, Cobo Hall  .
1980-10-17 United States, Champaign II  
1980-10-19 United States, Chicago, Ill .
1980-11-01 United States, New York, Passiac .
1980-12-04 Japan, Tokyo .
1980-12-05  Japan, Osaka, Sports Centre (or Sports Arena) .
1980-12-08  Japan, Fukuoka, Kyuden Kinen Taiikukan (or Tokyo, Budokan) .
1980-12-09 Japan, Kurashiki, Shimon Kaikan  
1980-12-10  Japan, Osaka, Festival Hall  .
1980-12-11 Japan, Aichi, Nagoya-shi Kokaido  
1980-12-12 Japan, Miyagi, Miyagi-Kenmin Hall  
1980-12-14 Japan, Hokkaido, Sangyo-Kyoushin Kaikan  
1980-12-16 Japan, Yokahama .
1980-12-17 Japan, Tokio, Budokan .
1980-12-18 Japan, Tokio, Budokan  


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