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1981-03-10  Plays at Jeff Beck's, There & Back Tour,
featuring Jeff Beck (guitars), Mo Foster (Bass), Tony Hymas (keyboards)
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1981-03-04 United Kingdom, Newcastle, City Hall .
1981-03-05 United Kingdom, Edinburgh .
1981-03-07 United Kingdom, Manchester .
1981-03-08 United Kingdom, Birmingham .
1981-03-09 United Kingdom, London .
1981-03-10 United Kingdom, London, Hammersmith Odeon (Feathering Jimmy Page) .
1981-..-..   Starts to play with Pro-Mark sticks officially (before that he played TRI STI sticks or played those sticks while having a Pro-Mark endorsement)  
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Ph.D. Ph.D.
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Michel Berger  Beaurivage 
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with France Gall  Tout pour la musique
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Ten out of 10
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Jon Anderson  Animation
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Juan Martin Picasso Portraits
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Arlene Phillips' Hot Gossip Geisha Boys and Temple Girls
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Adrian Snell The Virgin
1981-..-.. 1981-..-.. Recording with Bogdan Who do you think you are! / Take me back
1981-03-21 1981-04-14 Recording with Bernie Marsden Look at me now 
1981-06-.. 1981-06-.. Recording with Our Daughters Wedding Digital Cowboy
1981-08-.. . Plays with Bernie Marsden at the Friday Rock Show Session 1981 (Live)

And About Time Too 

The friday rock show sessions  

Look at me now

1981-08-05 1981-08-06 Recording with Ray Russel and Mo Foster some demo tracks later released as RMS tracks Centennial Park
1981-09-.. 1981-09-.. Recording with Jon Lord Before I forget
1981-09-09 1981-09-12 Plays at the Secret Policeman's Other Ball, The 1981 Amnesty International Gala
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1981-09-09 United Kingdom, London, The Theatre Royal .
1981-09-10 United Kingdom, London, The Theatre Royal  .
1981-09-11 United Kingdom, London, The Theatre Royal  .
1981-09-12 United Kingdom, London, The Theatre Royal  .
Secret Policeman's  Concert 
1981-10?.-.. . Leaves the Jeff Beck-Group .
1981-..-..   Playing a track with John Wetton, Steve Howe and Geoff Dowes, a pre-Asia rehearsal, all this took place in Howe's house in the United Kingdom, Hampstead. According to Dutch Music Magazine 'OOR' in those days, the Record Company Geffen decides that Phillips was to unknown for this new superband to be formed, they propose Carl Palmer. Other sources tell that SP "just wasn't interested in the kind of music Asia was making: "I bailed because I wasn't totally into the music", Simon is supposed to have said. The sleeve information on a 2005 Asia compilation 'Asia Gold', written by Jeremy Holiday says: "After working briefly with session drummer Simon Phillips ontime Emerson, Lake and Palmer drummer Carl Palmer was drafted into the line up". .
1981-10.-.. . Became bandmember of Toyah .
1981-10-.. 1981-10-.. Does some kind of promotional or jam tour with Toyah
Toyah Wilcox (vocals); Joel Bogen (guitar); Adrian Lee (Keyboards).
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1981-10-.. for a love show "Something Else", place unknown, performing ' Thunder in the Mountains' and 'Eeya'  
1981-10-03 for the German music show 'Rock Pop', performing 'It's a Mystery' and 'We are' Broadcasted 23 December 1981
1981-10-17 for the German music show "Rock Aus Dem Alabama", performing 'It's a Mystery', 'Jungles of Jupiter', 'Brave New World' .
1981-10-.. 1981-11-.. Recording with Toyah Four more from Toyah
1981-11-12 1981-12-15 Plays at the Toyah 'Good Morning Universe' European Tour
Toyah Wilcox (vocals); Joel Bogen (guitar); Adrian Lee (Keyboards).
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1981-11-23 United Kingdom, Aylesbury, Friars .
1981-11-25 Unted Kingdom, Belfast, Kings Hall .
1981-11-26 Ireland, Dublin, RDS .
1981-12-01 Sweden, Stockholm .
1981-12-02 Denmark, Copenhagen .
1981-12-04 Norway, Oslo .
1981-12-07 Germany, Hamburg .
1981-12-08 Germany, Berlin .
1981-12-11 Netherlands, Amsterdam .
1981-12-12 France, Paris .
1981-12-14 Italy, Bologna .
1981-12-15 Italy, Milan Theatra Tendra .
1981-12-17 United Kingdom, Brighton .
1981-12-19 United Kingdom, Glasgow, Apollo .
1981-12-20 United Kingdom, Birmingham, Odeon .
1981-12-21 United Kingdom, Manchester Apollo Theatre .
1981-12-23 United Kingdom, London, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane .
1981-12-24 United Kingdom, London, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Recorded & broadcast on BBC Radio 1, screened as Old Grey Whistle Test Christmas Special 1981, released as BBC concert video 'Toyah. Good Morning Universe" and DVD Live at Drury Lane.



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