Chronology 1982
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1982-01-.. 1982-02-.. Recording with Camel The Single Factor
1982-02-01 1982-02-01 Recording with Ray Russell and Mo Foster in RMS (Ray, Mo, Simon) Centennial park
1982-..-.. 1982-03-.. Recording wiht Adriano Pappalardo Immersione
1982-03-14 1982-03-15 Doing overdub sessions for the Recordings of RMS (see above)  
1982-03-.. 1982-03-..  Recording with Toyah The Changeling
1982-..-.. 1982-06-.. Recording with Pete Townshend All the Best Cowboys have Chinese eyes
1982-..-.. 1982-..-.. Recording with Rãjésh Infinite Fusion
1982-..-.. 1982-..-.. Recording with Arian Lee  The Magician
1982-..-.. 1982-..-.. Recording with Wall Street Crash Wall Street Crash
1982-..-.. 1982-12-.. Recording with Heaven 17 Luxury Gap 
1982-..-..   Starts a ProMark endorsement  
1982-..-.. 1982-..-.. Recording with Linx The Last Linx
1982-..-.. 1982-..-.. Plays with Jon Anderson a concert in his 'Animation Tour', United States, New York Palladium
featuring: Jon Anderson - vocals, David Sancious - keyboards, Clem Clempson - guitars, Stefano Cerri - bass. Drum on rest of tour by Guy Shiffman
1982-..-.. 1982-..-.. Recording with Miro Miroe

Nights of Arabia

1982-04-08 or 18   Met Mike Oldfield in New York City in a restaurant called Tony Romas. Source: interview with Simon Phillips for and april 2006  
1982-05-.. 1982-05-.. Plays at the Al DiMeola's Electric Rendezvous Tour, United States and European leg (subbing for Steve Gadd) and doing the first gig after three days rehearsal only!!
Al DiMeola (guitars), Jan Hammer (Keyboards) Philippe Saisse (Keyboards), Anthony Jackson (Bass), Mingo Lewis (Percussion)
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1982-05-03 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso Classic and Electric Guitars
1982-05-30 Netherlands, Utrecht, Vredenburg Anthology
1982-05-.. United Kingdom, London, Hammersmith Odeon .
1982 United States, New York, Tony Roma's Ribs (here Simon and Mike Oldfield met)  
  No further details available yet.  
1982-..-..   Doing some gigs with Jeff Beck and Philippe Saisse (keyboards). In a 1982 interview Simon Phillips says: " he [Philippe Saisse, HW] came over to my house earlier this year to do some writing together. So we got together with Jeff, and Philippe is playing all the bass stuff with his left hand and the chords with his right ! It´s funny music, very progressive, melodic space Rock music, it´s all very exciting. The way Jeff plays melodies it´s like somebody singing anyway, so if we can get that across on record..."  
1982-06-18 1982-07-18 

Plays at Toyah's 'Changeling' Tour
Toyah Wilcox (vocals), Phil Spalding (bass, backing vocals), Keith Hale (keyboards, backing vocals)

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1982-??.-.. Germany, Bremen, Musicladen Livekonzert 1982 at Musicladen, German TV
1982-06-18 United Kingdom, Sheffield, City Hall .
1982-06-19 United Kingdom, Sheffield, City Hall .
1982-06-20 United Kingdom, Bradford, St. George Hall .
1982-06-21 United Kingdom, Manchester, Apollo .
1982-06-23 United Kingdom, Birmingham, Odeon .
1982-06-24 United Kingdom, Leicester, De Montfot Hall .
1982-06-25 United Kingdom, London, Hammersmith Odeon .
1982-06-26 United Kingdom, London, Hammersmith Odeon .
1982-06-28 United Kingdom, Coventry, Apollo .
1982-06-29 United Kingdom, Brighton, Centre .
1982-06-30 United Kingdom, Potsmouth, Guildhall .
1982-07-02 United Kingdom, St. Austell, Coliseum .
1982-07-03 United Kingdom, Poole, Arts Centre .
1982-07-04 United Kingdom, Bristol, Colsion Hall .
1982-07-05 United Kingdom, Bristol, Colsion Hall .
1982-07-07 United Kingdom, Preston, Guildhall .
1982-07-08 United Kingdom, Glasgow, Apollo .
1982-07-09 United Kingdom, Edinburgh, Playhouse .
1982-07-10 United Kingdom, Edinburgh, Playhouse  
1982-07-12 United Kingdom, Newcastle, City Hall .
1982-07-13 United Kingdom, Newcastle, City Hall .
1982-07-14 United Kingdom, Liverpool, Empire Theatre .
1982-07-15 United Kingdom, Birmingham, Odeon  
1982-07-17 United Kingdom, London, Hammersmith Odeon

Warrior Rock - Toyah on tour  

Live & More, Live Favourites and Rarities

1982-07-18 United Kingdom, London, Hammersmith Odeon Warrior Rock - Toyah on tour 
1982-..-.. . Does a Zildjian-clinic in the United Kingdom, London, the Venue
featuring Pete York (drums), Jon Lord (Keyboards), Rick Sanders (Fiddle), Steve Richardson (Guitar)
1982-10-18 1982-.-..

Does a clinic tour through the United States. Besides the known "Tama dates" there also seems to be some 'Zildjian dates"

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1982-10-18 United States, Hempstead, Sam Ash  
1982-10-19 United States, Bryn Mawr, Medley Music  
1982-10-20 United States, Tampa, Thoroughbred Music  
1982-10-21 United States, Whittier, Whittier Music  
1982-10-22 United States, Salt Lake City, Brighton Music  
1982-10-23 United States, Sacramento, Skips Music  
1982- United States, Boston (for Zidljian?)  
1982-. United States, Victoria, Venue .
1982-. United States, Los Angeles  
1982-   Regearsing with RMS for the "The Venue"concerts for two days in the United Kingdom, at EZEE Hire, a facility in north London.  
1982-..-..   Plays with RMS, United Kingdom, London, The Venue
RMS Live at the Venue 1982
1982-11-.. 1983-04-.. Recording and producing with Mike Oldfield (including the taping of a video-clip for Shadow on the Wall [to be found at Elements]) Some drumtracks re-used in 1998's release Tubular Bells III



1982-12-.. . Officially left Toyah .

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