Chronology 1985
On or from  Untill Description  Activity leads to release of
1985-01-11 1985-01-20 Playing (a duett with Dennis Chambers) at the Rock in Rio Festival I, Brasil, Rio the Janeiro .
1985   Starts to play with Autographed Pro-mark sticks  
1985-02-   Attended the German Frankfurter Messe  
1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with John Parr John Parr 
1985-04-28   Plays at the Zildjian Day, Unted States, Dallas Majestic Theatre. Also featuring: Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, Kenwood Dennard, Tommy Aldridge.
1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with Stanley Clarke and Jeff Beck for Beck's album 'Flash'. Simon Phillips drum tracks were eventualy not released. Simon does not confirms this, but states in an e-mail to Richard that he does not play on this album (thanks to Mark for mediating this). .
1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Obviously became member of E(merson) L(ake) and P(hillips), replacing P(almer). For unknown reasons this obviously did not work out. SP was replaced by Tony Beard who was replaced himself by Cozy Powell; E(merson) L(ake) and P(owell) was a fact untill Palmer took over again from Powell. .
1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with Pete Townshend 

White City

White City, The Film

1985-05-.. 1985-09-.. Recording with Far Corporation

Division one, the album 


1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with Trevor Horn (a Hi-Hat track)  
1985-08 (?)-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with and producing for Munich (in Germany, Munich) In Other Side of Midnight
1985-08-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with and producing for Azra, obviously during the recording periode with Munich Can You Come
1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Recording with Mike Oldfield. The Killing Fields
1985-..-.. 1985-..-.. Recording and producing a single for a girl called Ginger (single tracks never released).  
1985-..-.. 1985-..-..

Does a Zildjian clinic-tour in the United Kingdom

On or from  Place  Activity leads to release of
1985- United Kingdom, Windsor, Busker's  
1985- United Kingdom, Manchester  
1985 United Kingdom, Newcastle  
1985- United Kingdom, Glasgow  
1985-10-11 1986-11-03 Plays at Pete Townshend's (White City) Tour, 'The Deep End Tour' featuring Pete Townshend, Rabid Bundrick, Jody Linscott, Dave Gilmour, the Kick Horns, Billy Nichols, Peter Hope-Evans
On or from  Place  Activity leads to release of
1985-10-11 United Kingdom, Newcastle, for 'The Tube Show'. Only three tracks (?) were done (ca 15 minutes?), "Give Blood", "Secondhand Love" "Face to Face" Broadcasted by BBC-TV, The Tube, Chanel 4
1985-11-01  United Kingdom, Brixton, the Academie Theatre for the aid of the 'OO Charity'
1985-11-02  United Kingdom, Brixton, the Academie Theatre for the aid of the 'OO Charity' (a third concert was planned, but cancelled eventually) Pete Townshend, Deep End Live  Live at the Brixton Academy 1985
1985-11-??   Performing with Mike Oldfield, with Aled Jones and Anita Hegerland on 'Arrival' and 'Pictures in the Dark' at 'Winterwelt mit Hits' Broadcasted on Austrian TV
1985-12-12 or 22 . Plays with Pete Townshends's Deep End Band at the 'Snow Ball Revue' for the aid of the Chiswick Family Rescue Centre, featuring Pete Townshend, Rabbit, Steve Barnacle, Les Davidson, Billy Nicholls, Coral Brown, Gina Foster and the Kick Horns, United Kingdom, London, Dominion Theatre

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