Chronology 1987
On or from  Untill Description  Activity leads to release of
1987-01-.. 1987-02.-.. Recording with Mick Jagger (one song, a new version of the old Stones song ''Memory Hotel' is not released at the album mentioned but release at the soundtract for 'Beyond the Groove', it is not known if SP plays the drums) Primitive cool
1987-01.-.. . Plays with Randy Brecker (horns), Kai-Eckardt-Karpeh (Bass), Thorsten de Winkel (Guitar) and Jody Linscott (percussion) at some jazz-rock-latin-fusion oriented festival in Switserland Broadcasted on February third by Swiss TV station SFDRS and, later, by German TV 3-Sat Jazz in Concert as Randy Brecker and Torsten de Winkel
1987-02-08 1987-02-20 Recording for Superdrumming, drumlessons on German TV, presented by PeteYork (Broadcasted in 1989) The Audio-Video releases only contain some parts of the shows broadcasted on TV. Recorded in an old church in a village near Ulm (Germany) Superdrumming
1987-..-.. 1987-..-.. Recording with Akira Inoue System Overload
1987-..-.. 1987-..-.. Recording with Peter Richter 45 Minuten
1987-..-.. 1987-..-.. Recording a 3-track demo to apply for a record-company contract. The tracks for the basis for the 1988 release Protocol (see below)  
1987-06? 1987-07? Rehearsing with Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Dough Wimbish and a keyboard player (for 3 weeks) for upcomming Mick Jagger tour. Since Jeff Back in the end was not able to cooperate, the tour was posponed. Joe Satriani took Jeff Becks place in 1988.  
1987-..-.. 1987-08-.. Recording and producing with Mike Oldfield


The Wind Chimes

1987-..-.. 1987-..-.. Recording, producing and mixing with/for In Time Love for the Lonely
1987-10-.. 1988-01..-.. Recording with Mo Foster  Bel Assis
1987-..-.. 1988-01-.. Recording his first solo album Protocol


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