Chronology 1998
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1998-..-.. 1998-..-.. Does some gigs for a Pro-Mark-Sticks cd Collectors Edition, with Paul Wertico, Elvin Jones, the Dave Matthews' Band drummer and other famous drummers  
1998-..-.. 1998-..-..

Recording with Jasper Fish and the Alice Band

Around the Room in 80 Days
1998-01-08 1998-02-11 Simon Phillips' Another Lifetime Tour,
with Jeff Babko (keyboards), Wendell Brooks (Sax), Andy Timmons (Guitars), Jerry Watts Jr. (Bass)
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1998-01-08 United Kingdom, London, Dingwalls .
1998-01-09 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso .
1998-01-10 France, Paris, New Morning .
1998-01-12 Germany, Friedichshafen, Bahnhof Fischbach  .
1998-01-13 Germany, Nuernburg, Hirsch  .
1998-01-14 Germany, Ludwigshafen, Skala .
1998-01-15 Germany, Kaiserslautern, Kamingarn .
1998-01-16 Germany, Aschaffenburg, Kolossaal .
1998-01-17 Germany, Oberhausen, Starclub .
1998-01-18 Germany, Cologne, Move Club Out of the Blue

Germany, Hildesheim, Vier Linden

1998-01-20 Germany, Muenster, Jovel .
1998-01-22 Germany, Berlin, Kultur Brauerei .
1998-01-23 Germany, Hamburg, Frabrik Out of the Blue
1998-01-26 Denmark, Copenhagen, Jazzhaus .
1998-01-27 Sweden, Stockholm, Fashing .
1998-01-28 Sweden, Stockholm, Fashing .
1998-01-29 Norway, Oslo, Smuget .
1998-01-30 Sweden, Goeteborg, Nefertiti .
1998-01-31 Sweden, Goeteborg, Nefertiti .
1998-02-02 Netherlands, Groningen, Oosterpoort .
1998-02-03 Netherlands,Tilburg, Noorderligt .
1998-02-04 Belgium, Brussels, TBA .
1998-02-04 Belgium, Vosselaar, Biebob .
1998-02-05 Switserland, Zuerich, Jail .
1998-02-06 Switserland, Ruebingen, Muehle Hunziker Out of the Blue
1998-02-07 Austria, Innsbruck, Treibhaus .
1998-02-08 Austria, Salzburg, Arge .
1998-02-09 Austria, Vienna, Rockhaus .
1998-02-10 Slovenia, Ljublijana, Festival Hall .
1998-02-11 Austria, Graz, Orpheum .
1998-02-13 Germany, München, Stadhalle Germering .
1998-02-15 Italy, Milan, Maggazini Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue


1998-03-?? . Composing, recording, producing with Ray Russell   Phusion
1998-04-18 . Plays  as  speical guest (as well as Gary Wright and Gerald Albright) at a David Pack concert (with Shem and Jim Messina) .
1998-..-.. 1998-..-.. Recording with Dragsterbarbie Demos, Live and Other
1998-??-?? . Recording with Los Lobotymys Merry Axemas, more guitars for Christmas Vol 2
1998-05-22? . Plays with Los Lobotomys at United States, Hollywood, Baked Potato .
1998-05-22? . Plays with John Pena and David Garfield as 'PGP' at United States, Hollywood, Baked Potato .
1998-05-26 1998-06-06 Plays with Toto a 'XX'-release party, promotion tour
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1998-05-26 France, Paris, Virgin Megastore-Champs-Elysees Radio Broadcast on RTL2
1998-05-26 France, Paris, private club shows for Sony  
1998-05-27 France, Paris, Lé Réservoir Radio Broadcast
1998-05-.. Netherlands, Hilversum, recording sessions with Toto at Radio 3FM Studio, Netherlands, Hilversum Radio Broadcast on Radio 3 "Denk aan Henk", on June 3
1998-06-02 Germany, Köln, private club shows for Sony (Toto line-up with Joseph Williams, Bobby Kimball and Steve Porcaro)
TV Broadcast on RTL+
1998-06-06 Denmark, Copenhagen, private club shows for Sony .
1998-08-10 1999-01-08 Recording with Toto (a video clip of one of the tracks was released in 2003'


The Ultimate Clip Collection

1998-09-06   Plays with Los Lobotomys and Toto at an "All-Starrs-Event" to raise money for cancer suffering Paulette Brown (wife of Lenny Castro), in the United States, Los Angeles, La Ve Lee. LL played 'Dismemberment' with SP on a 3-piece kit. Also fethuring Steve Lukather (guitar), Mike Landau (guitar), Steve Porcaro, Larry Klimas (Sax), Bill Payne (Keyboards). Lenny Castro (percussion), Bobby Kimball (vox), Steve Farris (guitar)  
1998-09-26 . Plays at "The Return of Los Lobotomys" at United States, Los Angeles, The Mint .
1998-09-??   Does a clinic in the Netherlands, Utrecht, Muziekbeurs  
1998-09-?? (a day later)   Was due to do a masterclas at Cesar Zuiderwijk's Music Station, Netherlands, Den Haag. Due to the huge drumset and Cesar's small Music Station, the masterclass was done at Fatim Kerk in Den Haag. (Cesar Zuiderwijk is the Golden Earring drummer)  
1998-10-01   Does a workshop with Dennis Chambers somewhere in the United States  
1998-10-14 . Plays at "An Important Night of Jazz" with Jimmy Johnson, David Garfield and Rick Braun at United States, Los Angeles, Cafe Cordial .
1998-11-07   Joe Lynn Turner says in an interview that he recorded with SP and Leslie West and thinks about forming a Blues Band togehter. It is not known what recording Turner is pointing at.  
1998-11-.. 1998-12-... Mixing the live record 'out of the Blue' .
1998-12-07 . Plays at the 'Carlos Vega Memorial Brithday Concert' with Will Kennedy, Sergio Gonzales, Rick Marotta, Tris Emboden, Curt Bisquierra (all drums); John Pena, Jimmy Johnson, Mike Porcaro, Jason Scheff (all on Bass); Luis Conte, Lenny Castro, Michito Sanches, Chris Trujillo (all Percussion); Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Steve Farris, Mike Miller (all Guitars); David Paich, David Garfield, Greg Matheson, Steve Porcaro (all Keyboards); Bobby Kimbal, Alex Lingerwoord (Vocals); and many more ', United States, Los Angeles, Cafe Cordial Tribute to Carlos Vega
1998-12-11 . Plays with the 'Jazz All Stars' (with David Garfield, Albert Wing, John Pena, Wall Fowler) at United States, Hollywood, Baked Potato .


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