This site contains a chronology and overview of releases (i.e. Records, CD's, Audio-Video's) of the drummer Simon Phillips. This site substitutes the old Red Colloured "Chronology and Releasography''. Our site is mentioned in Dutch drummer Magazine 'Slagwerkkrant', check it out.






Dear visitors of our site.

Yes, we know, we have not updated this site for a very long time.

We apologize for that. We are to busy with other things but . in the same time we try to update the whole site again.

It means that this site is not dead it is alive, but just not kicking.

In the mean time you can check out with all kind of recent information that once will find its way to this site.


We work on it, back-office. So please stay tuned and please be patient.

Hans and Richard



We do not pretend to give a complete overview of the man's 'whereabouts', the concerts he played in, the musicians and groups he played with or his session work and the albums he made. This page is constantly under (re)construction. We are always in need for more information, we depend on it! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think or know that something is missing or wrong. Those people who did are listed: . who is to blame; a big thank you. Check it out.



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The site consists of several elements. As all might know Simon Phillips is not only a drummer, among others he is also producer and composer. All releases where Simon worked for, as a drummer, producer, engineer or as Studio-host, are brought together in a list called: Releases A to Z. Besides all information we could find on Simon Phillips is brought together in a Chronology, a day-by-day overview of the man's whereabouts from 1957 to the present. But beware: not all information in the Releases A to Z site occurs in the Chronology and vice versa. In the Chronology for example we sometimes make notice of, lets say, important bootlegs. In the Releases A to Z on the other hand, some recordings are mentioned that were recorded in Simon's studio, but Simon is not involved in the recording. With other words: you have to visit both site-elements to know what Mr. Phillips work is about.

Other features on this site are:

  • an overview of his drum kits through the years. At this moment this part is still under construction
  • information about his White-House studio (1986-1994) in the UK, the Coysound studio in the US (1993-2005) and the 2005 Phantom Recordings Studio in "Simons' Studios";
  • an overview of Covers of Drums and Percussion Magazines;
  • an overview of Music Company catalogues with Mr. Phllips on front or inside;
  • an overview of Endorsers and Advertisements, where we brought together the endorsing companies and equipment providers, as well as some of there advertisements with Simon Phillips as promoter.
  • Simon Phillips name is used by Tama and ProMark for several products. Some of these developed by the man himself, some 'just' as SP-signature. At SP-Gear these products are listed.
  • some promotion flyers and photos,
  • quotation and statements from others about SP and vice versa: these you can find in 'others about Simon Phillips' and 'Simon Phillips about other musicians'.
  • Sometimes we hear or read stuff, we do not know it is right or wrong, in that case the information is added at the 'Rumours' part of the site;
  • There are many interesting links to sites about Simon Phillips. In the Releases site we linked to many a (non or semi) official site of the artists or groups mentioned over there;
  • Last but not least: The Italian painter Michalangelo Mersi da Carvaggio obviously had a Simon Phillips look-a-like for his 'Amor' painting in 1601/1602.

All data in the chronology and overview of releases are taken from record sleeves and CD-booklets, music encyclopaedias, interviews with and articles on Mr. Phillips or on others in Music Magazines.
Last but not least, hundreds of Internet-pages on several subjects are an important source. Besides this page was created with the help of several Phillipsoholics, some more, some less, some more or less.

By the way, here we are:

Richard (l) and Hans (r), Amsterdam, June 2002.