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       snorkel diving webpage.    







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All photos  are taken with a NIKONOS, or Olympus C4040Z with PT010 underwater housing. Most are taken with natural light (no flash). Copyright  of this web page, text, photos and illustrations by Herwin Walravens.

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Welcome to my web page!

For people with an interest in snorkeling and snorkel diving, there is hardly good information to be found on the internet, and not one snorkel diving site. The many scuba sites are some alternative, since the purpose of both the snorkeler and the scuba diver is enjoying the underwater life. Also many, are the freediving sites, with their main focus being competitive sport, establishing depth records, and spear fishing.

This web page aims to give good practical information for any one who likes snorkeling and snorkel diving , and is open for anyone who wants to share experience.

 September 2005, the two places in Andalucia worth visiting for watching dolphin and whale, are Gibaltar at  the Bay of Algeciras and Tarifa. In other places like Malaga, Fuengirola and Estepona there are no specialized tours.

The orca’s just left the Strait of Gibraltar! Next year,..?

March 2006, I just came back from two weeks in Mexico and Costa Rica. I did not bring a camera with me, so this time I cannot show any photo’s. Soon I will buy  new camera.


Read the Very Short Story of my recent snorkeldiving experiences.

To see all the diferent kind of dolphins and whales freely and happily swimming  in the ocean was such a great experience. 

Photo story



“90% of the Big Fish are Gone.” Not the words from some environmental die hards, eco terrorists, or sentimental fish huggers, but 

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“Go with the flow!”













Background photo; swimming with a school of fish at playa del Coco, Costa Rica. Nikonos.



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