Asterix, Obelix and Idefix (back cover)

The Asterix Wall of Honor

Last update: December 27, 2006

The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans.
Well, not entirely... One small village of indomitable Gauls still
holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the
Roman legionairies who garrison the fortified camps of
Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium...

This is the beginning of every Asterix book,
it sets the time and place of when and where the adventures of Asterix,
Obelix and many other characters take place.

This Asterix site is dedicated to all the translators of the famous comic Asterix the Gaul because in my opinion they deserve more than a single line in the colofon of a book.

Their names I have found in the books in my collection of all possible translations.

The original language of this comic is French. The cover says that the drawings are by Albert Uderzo and the text is by René Goscinny but I think this division is not so strong.

What can you find on this site:

  1. a list with the names of all translators: "The Wall of Honor"

  2. the list containing an overview of all translations: "The Global album list"

  3. a list with all magazine and newspaper publications: "The Global magazine/newspaper list"

  4. the list with names of persons that helped me to collect this information: "The Credits list"

Currently I have albums (or copies) in 105 languages out of 110.

In the Global Album list they are marked with an * (I could not think of anything else ;-) or a © to indicate it is a copy (anyone care to help me find a real one ?).

For a quick reference here is a pop-up of the French album titles and sequence of appearance, this [sequence number] is used on these pages as reference.

My wish list:

  Argentinian (editorial Abril),   Basque (editorial Mars Ivars),   Catalan (editorial Mars Ivars),
  Greek (Spanos publishers),   Hindi,   Portugese (editorial Bertrand), (editorial) Verbo,
  Sorani,   Tagalog,   Telugu.

Because a translator appears in both "Asterix and Cleopatra" [album 6] and "Asterix Legonary" [album 10] I try to collect these two albums in particular in every translation, check the the Global Album list for the books I still miss.

I also found that Asterix adventures have been published in a number of magazines and newspapers, either a few pages at the time or even as (redrawn) strips.
Sometimes these adventures have never been (re-)published in books, so these translations are also of interest to me.

That is the reason why I have made a separate page to collect all information about these magazines/newspapers.

If you do have an album or are able to provide me with an album in a language I do not have, I would be very much interested in exchanging it for a comic book in Dutch or other Dutch products.

You will also be mentioned on the page with Credits

So: if you can help me, send me an email at: click here to mail me

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