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About Riddim on the Wire Radio

Jah Marcus (Mark Walboomers) asked Inspector Roby (the Inspecta) to join him on a new radioshow. The show was baptised "Reggae on the Wire", and went on the air every sunday, from 4 'till 6PM on Radio Patapoe inna Amsterdam. (Radio Patapoe is one of the few illegal radiostations to emerge from the golden era of pirate radiostations, the eighties, and is still on the air today), and was functioning as the center point of information for the squatters in Amsterdam. After a few months Jah Marcus decided to leave the show. Inspector then renamed the show to "Riddim on the Wire", and continued with regular support from the Echosonic posse: Major Red, Ras Simeon, Daddy E-Roy and Big John.

Big John and Major Red joined the Riddim on the Wire crew every week.

Besides the editions on Radio Patapoe, the show went to Radio Metro, on the cable in Amsterdam, every saturday between 11PM and 3AM.

Radio Metro kicked the bucket, and Riddim on the Wire moved to Radio CLASS-A (Carribean Latin American Sound Studio Amsterdam), also broadcasting on the cable in Amsterdam, while still doing the sunday shows at Radio Patapoe.

Radio CLASS-A went down, and Riddim on the Wire once again had to move. Fortunately Radio Static (run by famous DJ's Chaos and L-Dopa), came along, and the show went on air again, this time every saturday between 10PM and 3AM, again on the cable in Amsterdam. Radio Static rented their radio time from Radio SALTO, the official radio-station in Amsterdam, run by the city council, and founded to give Amsterdam citizens the opportunity to create radio and/or TV. This meant broadcasting on the cable in Amsterdam and around (Abcoude, Landsmeer, Nigtevecht, Duivendrecht, Diemen, Purmerend and Zaandam), plus on the 106.8 FM on the air, in all the abovementioned places and far around. A few months later, Radio Patapoe was closed down by the authorities (to return again on the air in 1998).

Radio Static had it's problems aswell. At first we only lost some air-time (we moved from five hours every saturday to one hour every monday), but in september 1998 Radio Static sadly followed the other stations into oblivian. There we were, no radiostation, no airtime, no Riddim on the Wire. DaddyDan, former recordshop owner (Spots Records, Binnen Dommerstraat, Amsterdam)) and locally famous selector, today living in the Dutch Antilles, was host of his own show "Rockers ina Babylon" also broadcasted through SALTO Radio, and asked the Inspecta to join him. The Inspecta and DaddyDan did "Rockers ina Babylon" together on sundays between 8 and 10PM on Groove FM, again via SALTO Radio in Amsterdam. This was a great way to make radio, however, Inspector did seek for the Riddim on the Wire-vibe.

March 1st: Riddim on the Wire was born again. Groove FM (also through SALTO), run by the famous Soul-collectors Hans and Harry (Fingerpoppin' Soul), offered the Inspecta his own show, and together with Big John, the show went on air every saturday between 10PM and midnight, again on the cable in Amsterdam.

Riddim on the Wire went to new broadcasting times, every tuesday between 10PM and midnight. In january of 2000, the dutch edition of Touch Magazine (the Street Culture and Music Monthly) published a two-page article with full size photo about Riddim on the Wire in their monthly "Crew" item.

The show continued and the fame kept on rising. The show became even more popular and professionalised. Sponsoring became possible. Deals were made with worldfamous coffeeshop de Dampkring, HipHop-cafe de Duivel and worldfamous venues Paradiso and de Melkweg, amongst others. Later that year Touch Magazine approached Riddim on the Wire to make use of our musical knowledge, and from february 2002 until the demise of the dutch edition of Touch Magazine in 2003, five editions of "the Riddim on the Wire Pages" were published, covering artists like Michael Rose, Bountykiller, the Skatalites, the Echosonic Crew and live events like the Two Sevens Splash, plus writing music reviews of new releases.

More and better promotion, sponsordeals with Touch Magazine en Sir Bennie Miles and the start of the Riddim on the Wire-website, made the show more popular in Amsterdam and outside of the city, resulting in an invitation from dutch official nationwide radiostation VPRO to come and do a two hour show under the umbrella of their infamous "Grensverkeer" show in october of 2002. They enjoyed the show and invited us again in may 2003 and again in june 2004!

Starting in mid 2004 things became hectic. Due to budget-cuts from the government, resulting in increasing broadcasting costs and failing equipment at Radio SALTO, plus financial problems within Groove FM, and the disappearing of turntables from the VPRO-studios without prior notice, the inspecta had became so disappointed that he decided to quit making radio, somewhere in 2006.

In 2008 Riddim on the Wire celebrated it's 20-years anniversary in famous venue Paradiso in Amsterdam, inviting many crucial DJ's to come and play and reuniting the full crew: Big John, the Inspecta, Major Red (now V-Tone), Ras Simeon and Daddy E-Roy. Big John continued to run Riddim on the Wire and asked the Riddim Shower Crew to come and join him. After a while the relationship with Groove FM turned sour and John decided it was time to leave and seek for better opportunities.

In 2010 Echo Roots, a close friend of the Inspecta, started a internet-broadcasting network called and asked the Inspecta to do some shows there. The Inspecta jumped to the opportunity and did seven shows (between june and october of 2010), all of which can be listened to (check our shows-page). Then haarlemSource folded and until 2012 nothing much happened.

Starting december 14th 2012, Riddim on the Wire found a new home at Weekly shows coming from Inspecta's studio inna Amsterdam can be heard every friday 1 - 3PM EST = 19:00 - 21:00 CET.

On friday january 8th.2016, Riddim on the Wire celebrated it's 25 Years Anniversary with a SIX hour show, full of special guests!
Click the flyer below to listen the full show at

link to 25 years riddim on the wire radio - video registration

This was also the last show Big John did as a regular host. After years and years of work for Riddim on the Wire John decided to put his attention elsewhere.
Riddim on the Wire wishes to thank Big John for all his energy, vibes and incredible music!

Later in 2016 the Inspecta met Ben King of EarthWorks Studio, situated in Weesp (near Amsterdam) and Ben decided to join Riddim on the Wire. With the addition of Ben King and the Earth Works Studio Crew, Riddim on the Wire will no doubt see new horizons in the years to come!

We give thanks to all brothers and sisters who continue putting their effort into the radio works like the Riddim Shower crew, Empress Donna Lee, Red Lion and the King Shiloh crew, Buruman and all other radio DJ's and sound system selectors out there. Big up yourselves!!!! Hold fast and don't let go let the radio be a tool to uplift the minds of all people.

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