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About the Inspecta

the Inspecta, Future Reggae Ruigoord, 2010

In 1983 Inspector Roby (now known as the Inspecta) heard Reggae when he was visiting a friend he'd met at school. Although he was a HipHop fan at that time, it took about two weeks until he played nothing but Jamaican music. He linked up with Junior Red (later Major Red, now known as V-Tone), who at that time had just started a sound system together with Ras Simeon called Laserbeam HiFi.

After a few months, Junior Red asked Inspector to join them. This happened in 1986, and they renamed the sound to Echosonic Hi-Powa. In this line up they played all over the country, especially in a famous dance hall in Amsterdam at that time called "de Kroeg", and it's sister venue "de Stip". In 1988 Big John, whom they had met at de Kroeg in 1987, also joined Echosonic, and together they played many dances and even sound clashes, alongside Killimanjaro (Paradiso), Lloyd Coxsone (Drum Rhythm Festival) and nuff other sound systems.

After a few years, around 1990, most clubs that played Reggae on a regular basis in Amsterdam had been closed down, and Echosonic went dorment, although every now and then the crew came together again and mashed up the place, as main act or support act for many artists that came to Amsterdam to do shows at venues like Paradiso or de Melkweg. This went on for a few years, and around the year 2000 the crew decided to start building up the sound again. The next year Wout-R (aka Roots Echo) joined the crew, bringing new vibes and selections.

Since 1990 Inspector Roby has been playing as a solo DJ, aswell as Big John, Junior Red became V-Tone and specialised in American and Caribbean oldies and started his own radio show. Ras Simeon started doing his own recordings, builds custom audio-effect equipment and also started painting.
The Inspecta has performed at Paradiso, de Melkweg, and many more Dutch dance and concert halls. His speciality is selecting, and his record collection contains music from the early sixties, up to records released today. This means he can play Ska, Rock-Steady, (early) Reggae, Roots, Dub, UK Roots and Digital reggae, but he also does Jungle and some Dub Step.

Starting in 2003 the Inspecta travelled alongside famous dutch Ska, Rock-Steady and Reggae band Rude Rich & the High Notes and sold their releases (recorded in their own studio) and merchandise during the many shows they did. The High Notes still perform regularly today and have become the number one backing band for artists like Derrick Morgan, Rico Rodriquez, Winston Francis, the Heptones, the Pioneers, Dennis Alcapone and many more old time greats.

Between 2005 and 2007 the Inspecta ran the "Reggae, World and HipHop-Department" of world-famous recordstore Boudisque Records in Amsterdam with much pride and joy. Boudiqsue being one of the oldest (founded 1968) and most famous recordstores in Holland and beyond, well known worldwide for it's skilled personel, unique music selection and own record labels (with the occasional (worldwide) hit release). Unfortunatey Boudisque seized to exist in 2009.

Inspecta, Major Red (V-Tone) & Big John
(left to right)
at De Kroeg inna Amsterdam, 1989
In 2008 the Inspecta started his own record business called Inspecta.NL, when he was asked by leading roots sound system King Shiloh to sell their releases at their monthly sessions. For some time this went great, selling vinyl, cd's, dvd's, books and merchandise at King Shiloh and other sound system sessions throughout the Netherlands. In 2011 the Inspecta was interviewed about his shop, his sound system experience and the history of Reggae music in Amsterdam, for an article in Irie Up magazine. Also he has a cameo appearance in issue 5 of Nicholas da Silva's comic series "Dread & Alive".

At the end of 2011 however, King Shiloh got kicked out of the Roots Bunker by the Amsterdam government, and when some business deals went wrong, especially the setting up of weekly sound sessions at the Bassment in Amsterdam the Inspecta was forced to quit the shop.

Many years of playing records, both on the radio and live, have made the Inspecta a very experienced DJ. The main reason he is still in the business is his strong love for the music and it's uplifting vibes, and his firm belief that this music deserves a lot more attention and recognition than it gets today.

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