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Manage and view various images and movies using one simple interface. The ability to see a directory of thumbnails makes it extremely easy to find a specific picture. 
You can also use one of its many editing features to improve the overall look of your images and view your images full screen if to check quality.  More details or directly download.


Screensaver maker This program may be useful for those who have collections of pictures (in jpeg format) of love ones or hobbies and want to show it as a screensaver. The Album Screensaver maker will produce an installation executable file which may be distributed and will install your screensaver on any computer running Windows 95/98/Me/2000 or later.  More details or directly download.
CombiMovie CombiMovie is an application to combine two or more mpg/mpeg files into one continuous mpg file. It works very fast, as fast as copying the files! How come? Because what it does is only reading the sourcefiles, grab the meaningful bytes and then write it into the target files. Thanks to the robust mpg file structure.  More details  or directly Download.
Citimap Citimap is a complete Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Windows application specializing in urban area issues. This software has been used in a mapping project covering the whole streets in a city with about 10 millions population (map that can be zoomed to a few meters included). It took me two years to develop and later meant to be a shareware, but since I don't have time to maintain it further, before getting obsolute I give it away as a freeware. That is for everything that I learn from the internet society.  More detailsscreen capture or directly download

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version 2.43


November 14th


Citimap is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Windows application specializing in urban area issues. Running under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 Freaturing:
inter-connected Streets: and sharing boundary Region.


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