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MxTools lite

The main interface works like Explorer with facilities like:

  1. directory tree structure
  2. draging and droping facility (from and to Explorer/desktop) either in the tree, detail list or the thumbs
  3. choice of detail list or thumbnail mode
  4. Showing movie collection also as thumbnails so you can keep the encripted filename. The thumbnail is made based on the one third position still picture (the very begining is oftenly empty). 
  5. preview pane
  6. file deletion (to recycle-bin)
  7. file renaming etc.  

There are three viewer modes available beside the preview pane available: Windowed, full-screen and multiple window with features like:

  1. Image zooming in and out
  2. Image scrolling
  3. slide show, including movie
  4. keyboard short-cut or right-click popup menu to control
  5. movie player with variable speed slow motion facility (only for mpg and avi). Nice for the climax part ;-) 

Some very useful tools/features are also included, including:

  1. html album creator which will create the html page with links to each image/movie including the needed thumbnails
  2. multiple windowed display so you can see several pictures/movies at once.
  3. batch numeric rename
  4. image labeling (could be useful although I hate to download labeled pictures)
  5. batch sample picture creation. The result will be downgraded to lower the size.
  6. picture file encapsulation. The file will have jph extension and can only be displayed with MxTools. Why? well I have a doughter that start using my computer and I think some images there are not suitable for her. Beside changing the extension and add some header nothing is changed to the image data (asuming the source is jpg). This way, reconverting it back to jpg will not reduce its quality.
  7. file format convertion (between bmp, gif, jpg and jph)
  8. index picture creator. One picture showing tiled thumbnails
  9. picture rotation
  10. and may be more now, since I don't spend much time editing this page.....

Known limitations:

  1. Some older video cards does not allow movie capture to create movie thumbnails
  2. My old computer does not allow me to run more than one movie at a time.
  3. So far MxTools lite support only format which are used in homepages like jpg, gif and bmp for images and mpg, avi and asf for movie.


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