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Album Screensaver

Album Screensaver Freeware version 1.1

Album Screensaver is a freeware and may be used without my permission. Feel free to use it but please don't blame me for anything. 

This program was made as replay to all the things that I got for free from the internet and does not having any advertisement (beside the http address to get the program update) and does nothing that will interfere your privacy.

This program may be useful for those who have collections of pictures (in jpeg format) of love ones or hobbies and want to show it as a screensaver. The one that you got here is the editor. 

Through the editor you can select and arrange pictures that you want to show with preview as the background. Choose a nice but short name (less than 32 characters) for the screensaver. By default it is called "My album". You may also set the installation filename to be other than "setup". Do not put pathname or extension on these two. By default the installation name will be put under sub-folder "output" of the program.

When you are ready, press "Make" button, and it will create an installation program (by default called setup.exe) under sub-folder "output" of the editor location. It is ready for you to distribute to friends or install in any computer running windows 95 or newer.

If you execute the installation program (setup.exe) a dialog will appear asking a confirmation to install the screensaver and chance to do some settings. By default the screensaver is set to be activated after the computer is idle for 15 minutes. You may change the setting later in windows screensaver dialog. 

To activate windows screensaver dialog, right-click your mouse on the empty part of desktop and select "Properties". A the dialog "Display Properties" will appear. Click on "Screen Savers" tab on top. A small monitor picture will appear showing your screensaver in a small scale. Your screensaver name should be displayed as the active screensaver in the pull-down listbox. Click "Settings" to access the settings dialog. Click on "Preview" button to see your screensaver 'in action', but remember not to move your mouse or click any keyboard key, because otherwise the preview will be canceled immediately.