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Question: I have a midi-karaoke with a copyright notice.
 What should I do?

First of all, let's review how to find a copyright notice in a midi file.
Copyright notices most often accompany the .mid file from which
the .kar file was made. It's wise to look for them.
They might show up in an actual display of lyrics,
but more often you will find them elsewhere in the file.

Let's assume that you're using vanBasco as a midi and midi-karaoke
player. If the file is a midi sequence with no lyrics, the copyright
notice will probably show up in the (now black) "Lyric Display" window.
You may have to scroll vertically to find it. If the file is already a .kar file
or a midi-with-lyrics, you should check for a copyright notice by
right-clicking on the lyrics screen, selecting "hide lyrics" from the menu
that opens, and then looking for a copyright notice. Again, you may have
to use the vertical scroll. When you're finished checking, you can
right-click again, uncheck "hide lyrics" and return to the lyrics display.

The entire issue of copyright comes into play when a file gets
distributed, so be sure to check the meaning of this term with an
attorney. Copyright also becomes an issue if the midi or midi-karaoke
file was originally sold commercially. Caution is given that some
professional midi companies have taken legal action against individuals
and web sites, claiming copyright infringement. This action has occurred
whether people have posted midis, published them on web sites or
even downloaded them. In some cases they have won, and others they
have not. You are further cautioned that IF you download and use
midi/karaoke files in a professional venue, or attempt to sell them,
or distribute them in an extensive manner, you should carefully review
your legal position, and you should also determine if the files you
use were produced by a professional firm. Nothing stated here should
be considered legal advice and you should do your own research and
make your own decisions regarding the trading, uploading, posting,
or downloading midi or karaoke files.

The list below is NOT comprehensive but rather a partial list
of known professional companies that may wish to protect
whatever copyrights they may have. Particular caution should be
used regarding files that contain "Tune 1000", "Trycho", "Geerdes",
"Midi Hits", "Tran Tracks", "Warner" or "TMI" as copyright holders.


(c) 1992-HM (Hands On Midi Software)
(c) 1993-HM - (c) 1999 HM - Any year
1000 Corporation Back Trax
Band Trax
Blue Max Distribution*
Clubhouse Productions
Crystal Cove
Design Software
Division Holland
Hands On Midi
Heavenly Music
Hit Bits
I Scream Productions
Intl Midi Hits Edizioni Milano Publishing
Labyrinth Midi
Midi Gig
Midi Hits
Midi Hits - Milano
Midi Mart - Backing tracks
Midi Music
Midi Service
Midi Systems
Minvec UK - Backing tracks
Music Corporation
Music Data Company
Music Sales
Music Technology
Open Mind Productions
Passport Designs
Quagaars Midi Country
Roland Corporation
Romeo Music
Service France
Stage & Screen
Tran Tracks
Tune 1000
Turbo Music

*Blue Max and Gary Wachtel files may or may not carry a
copyright notice or a restricted use and/or distribution notice.
Check carefully.

If a midi or midi-karaoke file carries only a reference to a web site,
check to see if that Web site is still up, and, if it is, see if there is
an indication that the owners of that Web site have purchased
licenses for the files they post.

It is also wise to check, if possible, with the author of a midi file for
which no copyright notice exists to see if the author will permit you to
add lyrics to his work and to post the resulting midi-karaoke file in ABK
and/or on a web site. Barry Taylor is one midi author who will not allow
lyrics to be added to his sequences, which may be found on
or off the Web site.

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