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Description of the Midi Utility Suite

There is a collection of midi utilities created by Mike Ulik, of Crippleware.
Mike has recently combined them into a Midi Utility Suite,
which one of our members introduced to the newsgroup.
Here's his description of Mike's Suite:

"I got a copy of the Suite from Mike and am posting it for those
that may not have their preference software cast in concrete.
The suite consists of 7 programs linked together in a common menu.

The first is a DUP finder that is very helpful if you want to check
a directory for duplicates. It ISN'T looking for duplicate names,
but rather analyzes the files themselves, and will do all sub-directories
beneath whatever main directory you chose. In my case I have
 a master directory, and file new additions in subdirectories below it.
Thus new additions that are duplicates are deleted from the
subdirectories, not the main one. It puts the deleted files
wherever you want.

The second program looks for file errors and puts files with errors where
you want. It does not repair them like Midi Tool Box does, however.

The third program is a very versatile renamer program specifically
designed for midi's and kars. You have to try this to appreciate it.

The 4th program is a "Midi or Kar" program that will very accurately
look at all your files and rename files that are shown as midi's
to kars and visa versa. I can't tell you how the logic works on it other
than to say he worked on it for a very long time and except for
where people programmed tons of writing inside a midi
that are not lyrics, the program is very accurate.

The 5th program is a Renumber program. When the Renamer
program finds two or more programs with the exact same name,
it tacks a number on the end like "-002", etc. At some point if you have
multiple copies of different versions  of a song you might like
a logical number sequence in the titles. This program does it.

The 6th program is a Midi Reverse program. As I said in my
previous message, if your naming structure is for example:
Anne Murray - Walk Right Back, it will reverse it for you to
Walk Right Back - Anne Murray. If you use the structure of
Walk Right Back (Anne Murray), you'll have to use a program
like Bulk Renamer to switch to the dash format quickly,
although the rename function will do it one by one.

The 7th program is a Midi Type finder.
Can't tell you much about this function since I don't use it.

In any case this whole package is by Mike Ulik, and it can be found at:

The individual programs can be found at:

I use the package every time I download files (along with the others
I mentioned previously) and can't say enough positive things about it.
It is intuitive, fast, and very handy. If you use it, a word of
appreciation to Mike at might be nice."

Editor's note: When I last checked, Mike's Web site had
the individual programs in the suite, but not the suite itself.
Also, as that member pointed out, the individual programs at
the site had lower version numbers and thus might be older than
those in the suite. It is also possible that you may not have
a copy of sysinfo.ocx in your \Windows\System32 folder.
This file is necessary for the Midi Error Finder component
of the suite to work. If you don't have it, you can download it here:

The member also mentioned a program called Midi Tool Box.
That program was freeware, old, and no longer available,
but be warned that there are newer programs with the same name;
that they are expensive (except for demo versions) and that they
provide different and more advanced functions.

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