Joost's adventures in Corsica
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In June 2000 i walked with a friend a part of the GR20 on Corsica. Not the whole trail, only the northern part from Vizzavona to Calenzana. The GR20 is certainly not the easiest of all long distance mountain walks. A good head for heights and a good condition are required. Certainly not recommended for newbie hikers!
Here are some pictures with short discriptions

Pic 1: The first day; the climb from Vizzavona to Pt. Muratello. A long hard (and hot!) climb.
Pic 2: Our camping spot near Refuge L'Onda
Pic 3: Curious donkey at the refuge Petra Piana
Pic 4: Lac de Melo and Pic Lombarduccio seen from the route to Refuge Manganu
Pic 5: Near refuge Manganu
Pic 6: on the way from refuge Manganu to Col de Verghio

Pic 7: On the way from Col de verghio to Bergerie Ballone.
Pic 8: Our great camping spot near Bergerie ballone.
Pic 9: Fred's arrival at the south end of the Cirque the Solitude.
Pic 10: Fred making his way down in the Cirque.
Pic 11: On the other way of the Cirque, looking back north. Spot the hikers!
Pic 12: From the North col of the Cirque looking north.

Pic 13: On the way from Haut Asco to refuge Carrozzu you get the first view of the sea with Calvi. our destination. Still a few days walking!
Pic 14: In the Cirque the Bonifatu, near the refuge Cazzorru.
Pic 15: The perfect pool at the end of a perfect day in the mountains.
Pic 16: Looking to the bit we've yet got to tackle that day
Pic 17: On the way from refuge Cazzorru to refuge de L'Ortu di u Poibbu. View back north.
Pic 18: On of the many views of the wild landscapes of Corsica

Pic 19: The last day: the first view of Calenzana. Nearly there!
Pic 20: Two dirty, tired and unshaved wannabe machos at THE END OF THE TRACK!! Yeeeehaaaaa!
Pic 21: Back in civilization : Calvi.
Pic 22: The "bastille" of Calvi

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