Hello my traderfriends. This is Spiffie's spot, the place to visit if you are
interested in trading Police cdr's. I've been doing this for quiet some time and i'm planning to continue
doing this for an even longer time. I'm normally only interested in Police and Sting only,
but sometimes other bands apear to have interesting stuff, so you can always send me your list.

4 new dvd's `+ 9 cds 2008 + 1 cd 81!!

(last update 10th of august 2008)

We'll here's the interesting part. My CDR list.
Due to some very dear friends on the net I 've managed to make
quiet some collection within a very short time.
My thanx goes out to those amazing people (you know who you are!!)
I've devided my collection in different years. Hope you'll find anything interesting!

Although I know most CDR's are made by me ond therefor unique I'm not trying
to find extra work by naming all setlists. For information about setlist around these periods,etc.
go to other police sites, they are much better in it then I am.

Total cds at this moment: 693 cds

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People who have traded with me in the past already know how I trade,
but for those interested in my I-always-do rules, here they are:

I always do Disk At Once Copy. No gaps, no hick-ups.
We all hate it, so let's not do it.

I always provide you the original artwork.
I've that's not available I have artwork specially made for it.
If you don't want it by mail on a cdr, I can send it to you by email as a 200 dpi, rgb, jpeg file.
I always use a proper brand CDR and check them before they
go along with our friends at the post office.
I don't mind which brand you use as long as you check the cd
before you send it. I do the same.
I always send the burned CDR's in a padded envelop,
to make sure they don't ever break. I normally don't send jewel cases,
for it makes the postman a very wealthy man and it empties my bank account.
I've you still want jewel cases, ask for it, I'm sure we can work it out.
I always keep in touch through email with the people I trade with.
I tell them when I posted the CDR's, and mail them when theirs have arrived.
If you're interested I also keep you informed on new CDR's coming in.
Who knows we can trade more within a short time?
I'm always busy and do not have time for 2:1's.
I'm really sorry but I'm not trying to get hundreds of blank cd's,
just a lot of Police cd's. I also never sell any of the items as listed.
I'm in for the trade, nothing more. I hope you understand.
So if you're in for a trade, drop me a mail. Let's work things out and start burning!


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