Band  Title date  quality  cover
 The Police  B-Zerk  various   10  
 The Police  From Tokyo to Chili with
 various  7 - 9  
 The Police  Lost BBC Studio Tapes  various  9  
 The Police  Countdown  various  8  
 The Police  Sting > The Police  various  9  
 The Police  Ghost in the studio  demos  7+  
 The Police  Visions of the night  various  9  
 The Police  Around the world  various  9-  
 The Police  Back up  various  7-9  
 The Police Discofever no.1  various  10  
 The Police  Discofever no.2  various  10  
 The Police  Rehearsals  83  7  
 The Police  Remix  various  10  
 Sting/others  Amnesty 81  live  10  
 The Police  Fanclub box (10 cd)  various 10 - 7

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