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Homepage of Joop Goedhart


After research lasting over 40 years we have a database of 17.909 persons en 7.223 marriages all of whom are related to Matthijs Theunissen Goethart from Winssen in Gelderland (NL), his descendants or belong to other Goedhart trees. The research was partly speeded up the last years by using the Internet. For that reason the editor has decided to publish the data through that medium. Matthijs Theunissen Goethart is the oldest known predecessor of Joop Goedhart, the publisher of these pages. On the page: Afstammelingen van Matthijs Theunissen Goethart you will find an index of the descendants of Matthijs Theunissen Goethart, containing 2.626 persons en 874 marriages, reminding you that these are the descendants of Matthijs Theunissen Goethart.

The descendants (and ancestors) of those who married a Goethart or Goedhart and some other Goedhart trees, and which are known, are included in the general database Goedhart-Gelderland

All the data is free of charge. Feedback, additions or corrections are always welcome.

Last update of the databases: January 24, 2014.