Decendants of Matthijs Theunissen Goedhart

Joop Goedhart is one of the descendants of Matthijs Theunissen Goedhart (ca. 1600) from Winssen, Gelderland (NL)

Fleuren-Goedhart uit Gelderland

This homepage contains the research (and much more) of Erik Fleuren for the familyname Fleuren. Matthijs Theunissen Goethart from Winssen is also his ancestor by his grandmother.


A female descendant of Matthijs Teunissen Goethart was married with a descendant of Wilhelm Ehsers, ancestor of Rijk Esser. This familytree is to be found on his homepage.

Kuysten-Goedhart uit Sprang / Besoijen

The Goetharts from Sprang Capelle en Besoijen (Waalwijk) Brabant (NL) are not (yet) related to the Goetharts from Winssen. These Goetharts are to be found on the homepage of Rob Kuysten.

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