Acknowledgment to others

Besides the researchers mentioned in “Other Goedhart sites” I also used the information put on the Internet by other researchers. A part of the data is therefore the result of their work.

As far as I know I have always asked, and I was granted, their permission. Always at risk of forgetting someone my gratitude goes to:


Marjolijne Vijverberg-Kalkema. Many times she assisted me, clearing puzzles and checking sources in her large Goedhart collection. She e.g. completed the Langerak branch.


Jan van Ingen who gave in 2002 very important information about the first Goethart’s in Winssen (NL)


J. Lammers and Catherina van Hattum for the huge data about the Van Hattum family.


Ineke Koolwijk for the data about the Hulsteijn family.


Corrie Plugge-De Ruiter for the research and Robert Korving for publishing the data about the Korving family.


M.van den heuvel for the data about the family

Van Dort and Mascha van Dort also for the data about the family Van Dort.


Pamela Veenstra from Australia for the data about the family Van de Waal. Her brother is publishing the Pearce family. See also the Caulfeild family page.


Wil van Rossum for the data about the Goedhart’s who are related to the familys Cosijn(e) en Van Rossum.


Johan Taal for the data about the Verbaan family.


Reiner Glaap (Germany) for the records about the Glaap family.


Johannes Gerardus (Joop) van Heusden about the

Van Heusden family.