? Around the world in 1 day - Paris

Difficulty: 2s; Terrain: 1.5s; Size: micro

N 52 12.368 E 006 05.500
UTM: 32U E 301280 N 5787952

Did you ever want to travel around the world? Seize the opportunity now to travel the world in a virtual way based on the famous novel "Around the world in 80 days". In this adventure you'll enjoy a near-realistic geocaching experience in 20 locations around the world. Find the right codes and then make a nice bicycle ride or walk to bring you to the Bonus cache. In finding the Bonus cache you'll prove that you've succeeded in traveling around the world !

The story starts at a famous geocaching event under the glow of the campfire where the geocache stories and caching adventures are being exchanged amongst the gathered cachers. After a long evening it was 01:30 with only Marnix and Henk left in a lively discussion which went something like :

"I have found caches all over the world!" "Oh, ... you even weren't able to solve the Dutch geocache "Aardig" in calculating the circumference of the world."

There's a pause, you can feel the tension ...
"Even if I would create a series of geocaches for you so you can virtually travel around the world in 1 day, then you would still not succeed." "I'll take that bet".

That was it ! There was a long pause where both cachers slowly started to realize what they've agreed to.

"OK, I'll make the series of 21 geocaches for you where you'll need to solve simple tasks during your trip around the world. Using StreetView you'll perform varied tasks in different locations around the world as if you were really there! Each assignment in Paris, Rome, Athens, etc ... gives you a coordinate that you'll need to find a cache in the Netherlands. The code in each geocache will show that you have performed the tasks locally, like the stamps of Phileas Fogg in 'Around the World in 80 Days'. When you've found all the codes you'll be able to find the bonus cache. By finding the bonus cache you'll show that you've been around the world !"
"I challenge you to solve all assignments within one day and you get ..."

The men seal the deal with a firm handshake. From that moment on the wager is the talk of the day at the geocache event.

Your mission in Paris
Visit (with Street View) Paris starting at the Arc de Triomphe. At this monument you will find a roundabout with 12 exits. Search with Streetview on this monument for a statue as you see on the left picture below. Because the 4 possible statues on the monument resemble each other from a distance it's best to take time to ensure you have the correct statue. Move directly to a point straight in front of this figure and then turn around 180 degrees. You're now looking at a large famous avenue. From here count clockwise to the second exit. Leave the roundabout using this exit. Walk for about 1 km until you recognize on your right side the statue shown in the right hand picture below. Now follow the direction that the rider is looking in. When in doubt on which direction, choose the one-way street. Cars are allowed to enter this street. On the first big roundabout choose the road that goes over the water.
Cross the bridge and immediately take the first road on the right. At a large T-junction within 1 km you will see on the left a famous monument.
ABC = the word value of the English name of this monument. Subtract 9. Note the spelling.
DE = Standing exactly before to the monument, look behind and you'll see 2 large animals on a pedestal. What is the word for this animal (singular)? Again use the word value. Subtract 25.

Get your code at N52 12.D(A+B+C)E E006 07.D(D+E)B    (check location).

TIP: Is "Google Street View" new to you? Then please ask us to translate our toolbox for international geocachers. This will save you much time.

REQUEST: Can I ask you to perform this route in the Netherlands (mainly) by bike or on foot. In that way there is no inconvenience to the local residents.

We hope you enjoy every stage of the varied trip around the world. With the result of the assignments you can make a beautiful bicycle route along 20 geocaches towards the bonus cache. You can downloaded the track. Each geocache you can find is within 3 meters of the path. We have permission from the municipality of Voorst, Apeldoorn, Veluwe water board, etc for this varied route of 27km. You can park in the carpool at N52 12.932 E006 7.527 (A1/Posterenk) or in Posterenk at N52 12.794 E006 6.985. Parts of this bike trail are not suitable for cars. We have taken great care in making this series. Please take care when logging the caches and carefully place back in the original position. In that way the next geocacher will find this cache as you found it. Bon voyage !.

We thank the "proof readers" of the geocache! Thank you, Kernow-Klomp, for checking the translation! We enjoyed very much working together with them. We are also very thankful for all nice remarks, wonderful logs and many favorites (up to 1500+)!

Hint: Near a pole.