? Around the world in 1 day - The evidence

Difficulty: 2s; Terrain: 1.5s; Size: micro

N52 12.151 E006 04.183
UTM: 32U E 299765 N 5787610

Did you ever want to travel around the world? Seize the opportunity now to travel the world in a virtual way based on the famous novel "Around the world in 80 days". In this adventure you'll enjoy a near-realistic geocaching experience in 20 locations around the world. Find the right codes and then make a nice bicycle ride or walk to bring you to the Bonus cache. In finding the Bonus cache you'll prove that you've succeeded in traveling around the world !

The geocache is not at the given coordinates.

You're almost there ... You can now use this geocache to prove that you completed your trip around the world in 1 day.

Your bonus
In the right picture you see all geocaches in this series. Each geocache consisted of assignments that you performed at a location somewhere around the world. Now you're back from your long journey, you can find with the answers the secret codes the geocaches within the Netherlands. You need these codes as the "real" evidence that you really went around the world in one (or more) days.
For each continent, add all codes you found on that continent. For example sum the codes of Paris, Rome, Athens and London for continent Europe.
Note: just sum the codes, do NOT use a repeated sum to 1 digit.

A = sum of all codes of Europa (4 codes)
B = ... of Africa (2 codes)
C = ... of Unknown
D = ... of Australia (4 codes)
E = ... of Asia (3 codes)
F = ... of North America (4 codes)
G = ... of South America (2 codes)
You can find your bonus of this international adventure at:

N52 11.500 + (A+B)*(C+D)
E006 5.000 + (E+G)*F.

The values of the continents are thousandths of minutes.
From geocache 20 choose the beautiful bike path along Lake Bussloo. You can find a spoiler for this geocache on the right side.

We hope you enjoyed your trip around the world. In the Netherlands you can download the cycle route via the link. We would appreciate it if you write in your log about your experiences around the world.

We would like to ask you to walk or cycle this route. By bike you can enjoy this beautiful route much more than going by car. A trip by car gives inconvenience to local residents. Do you really want to go by car, then we want to ask you at any time park the car not in the vicinity of the houses. Especially don't park near waypoint 17. In that way many geocachers after you will enjoy the adventure of "Around the world in one day"!

Around the world in 1 day The trip is over, it's time to say goodbye! You can proudly add this banner to your profile. The first 30 teans can bring a souvenir from the geocache.

For this series, we had permission from the municipality of Voorst, Apeldoorn, Veluwe Water Board, RGV Bussloo and the foundation Beekzicht.

We would like to thank all the proof readers, Odlaniger, Iron Six and my sister in law for their very kind cooperation and many useful ideas. Geocachers, thank you very much for the very kind logs, e-mails and 1500+ favorites! B*E*D*A*N*K*T !!

Hints: Puzzle: Hawaii is a state of ... ?
The continent Australia is more than the country of Australia ;-)
The repeated sum to 1 digit of the codes 1 to 10 gives 4.
The repeated sum to 1 digit of the codes 11 to 20 gives 2.