Jeroen Jongeleen, 2011<


N1H1 /

Elementals [portals to another side..]

Stickermuseum, nw binnenweg, Rotterdam [adopted since 1999]

Plastic Bags as Jolly Roger [Poznan PL]


Jongeleen & Zn. [Little Happy Men]

Momentum [is the product of the mass and velocity of an object]

Foam & Bubbles

Verborgen Stadscollectie [Hidden Citycollection], museum Boijmans van Beuningen [15 years of interventions in the museum]


the climbing of buildings fences and other opportunities




hard to jump and paint at the same time, hamburg


forbidden for all, rotterdam


exaggeration 420, amsterdam


hyperactive citizens, age of the iconoclasts




favourite mispelling # 26, st.gallen CH


(counter) tourorism >


who's afraid of red, yellow and blue, and green, and orange, and purple


atelier als supermedium

pointless oneliner [sight on haerlem as seen from ryswyck]


ville de personne, paris F




for nothing/thanks


dirty line as a landscape

2004/2007 the climbing of buildings, fences and other opportunities

2006 a little movement, christchurch NZ

2005 exaggeration, hamburg G

> 2003 / more sick shit vanitas (& erosie), torino IT

2006 information blackout, dordrecht NL

2005 dirty footprints for a sticker

2006 *old money for everyone

2006 pointless oneliner, rotterdam NL

2004 dr.oldenburg G

2005 rotterdam international, NL

2006 helpful dirty hands on paper series III

göteborg S

2002/2007 (counter) tourorism "can you please make picture?"

2004/2007 the old collection (ghost white), katendrecht NL

2006 *If I had known you'd pass by here, I would've come up with a worse joke


since 2006 parental responsabilities [gustav one]


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