Detail Associates 229-1803
EOT antenna
Detail West 235-275
235-214 is an alternative
Detail Associates 229-2310
Detail West 235-253
Detail Associates 229-101101
for airdeflectors
MUhoses front
Detail Associates 229-1508
MUhoses rear
Detail West 235-266
Brakehose front
Detail West 235-268
Brakehose rear
Presicion Scale 585-3153
MU cable
Detail West 235-236
Detail Associates 229-2211
reshaped in  'EMD modern style'
Spare knuckle's
Detail West 235-196
Brake reg.vent
Detail West 235-245
MV Products 516-300
for Ditchlights
Detail West 235-237
base shortened to give the trucks enough 'sideplay'
Detail West 235-155
A-Line 116-29200
Coupler front
KaDee 380-38
removed the 'trippins 'from the coupler
Coupler rear
KaDee 380-33
removed the 'trippins' from the coupler
MicroScale MC-4254, 87-1009
4254 for patches and 1009 for the numbers

A note about the decals, the numbers supplied on the 1035 sheet are to thin, that' s why I used the numbers of the 1009/dash9 sheet. Reshaped the mouintingpads, which gives an excellent fit to the KaDee's. Instructions how I did it, are in the drawing below.

I paint the detailparts with a brush and I use European/English enamels. The plow e.g. is spraypainted with an automobile primer and in this case I used an aluminium automobilecolor as well. Before assembling the model I airbrushed it with a satin varnish of the same trademark (Humbrol 135). Fortunately I never had any problems with the acryl paints in conjunction with the enamels.

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