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The Simca Automobiel Club Nederland: SACN

The dutch Simcaclub was  founded in 1985. The club has ± 225 members and organizes meetings,campingweekends,  ralleys, repairdays and other events. The Simcaclub has also a big spareparts-storage  from the early Simca's till the latest Talbots.  The clubmagazine SIMCARAMA  will be published 4 x a year. I am a copywriter of this magazine.  You can read a lot of interesting things and about events, interviews with clubmembers and more.
If you want to be a member of this Simcaclub Nederland, please click  on: MEMBERSHIP / LIDMAATSCHAP-INFORMATION

Were can you meet such Simcafolks? Well, for example at international meetings. They aren't held every day, but only once in 2 years. Like the car Simca those meetings are rare too. If you want to see some pictures what you can expect at those meetings: See here some pictures about the 4th. international Simcameeting in Nuenen, The Netherlands 1998

The 5th international Simca-meeting was held in the UK:
may 12-13-14 in 2000.
info:      telephone Dick Husband +44 1203 686899
            telephone  David Chapman  +44 1737 765331
 See here some pictures about RAID 2000 in the UK,2000

The 6th international Simca-meeting will be in (north) France in 2002.

Agenda Simca Automobielclub Nederland 2001 International messages about Simca's: you can read and place a Simca message HERE or HERE

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Simca Automobiel Club Nederland: SACN

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may 1999: the classic car exhibition RAI in Amsterdam, the Netherlands: the Simca Automobiel CLub Nederland

Simca 1000                                                            Chrysler 2 litres

Simca Chrysler Horizon SX                                                 Simca Ranch

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