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Hello everybody

I'm traveling already many years to Poland, mostly to the village Margonin. It is a nice and calm village and is situated about 80 km north of Poznan. It's a beautiful village and you can walk there in the expanded forests.There are also large lakes in the environment, where also is the possibillity for fishing and rowing. I like the country because I met my girlfriend there in the year 1992 and we are now living together in Holland since 1993 . In the year 2002 we became in Poland in the possession of a house. It was situated in the village Margonin,. It was a beautiful house, but in a bad state. This house was around 200 years old. and besides it was also a monument. Why it's a monument? It's one of the oldest houses of the village and it is build in the first and oldest street of the village. The basis consisted of large stones. There was no isolation at all. The walls were in a very bad condition. If it was a few raining outside, the walls inside were immediately damp.

And if the walls were dry, there was much mould. The planks from the floor putrefy. and the beams of the roof were also completely rotten. But after a thorough inspection by an architect and a construction engineer appears that the house was in such a bad state that it was almost impossible to restore the house, We decided to renovate the house as well as possible, because it would be a pity if such a monument would be disappear. We became permission but we had to rebuild in original state. I became a very old picture from the house and in that picture I saw 4 windows in the front, but now there were only 2 windows. We decided to make again 4 windows. At the back we planned also a little change. We made that, because we want above also living accommodation, while there was before only a dusty attic. Therefore we built a stairway to the back. There was also only a small cellar under the old house. We made this cellar more largely almost under the whole house