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We live in the city of Hellevoetsluis; a small town with more than 40.000 inhabitants. Hellevoetsluis is situated on the isle of Voorne near the North Sea and 30 km SW of Rotterdam. At the border of the Haringvliet with much space for new industries; it became famous because of the Deltawerken in the SouthWest of the Netherlands. The air is still clean&clear over here ...For information about renting or buying a house just surf to MaasDelta

You can also visit the famous graving-dock of Jan Blanken, built in the Napoleontic!  

If you want to know more, just click on Hellevoetsluis and you read much information about our pretty community (for the sake of you want to settle here f.i.), or click on Gemeente Hellevoetsluis

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Further on it is a complete sensation to sail on the Haringvliet. For information click on Sail or just on Haringvliet. The cream of the crop: just an half hour's walk from where I live you can find the marvellous cottages of the resort Citta Romana. Words are superfluous to describe it, just take a look!! It's needless to say my wife and me are a lucky couple to live with our dearest in (the neighbourhood of) Hellevoetsluis!!!

Finally for the crowning sensation just click on Gemini 3 and you can read how to catch fishes in the North Sea. The ship has a shallow draught and is able to float up to the wrecks where the biggest fishes are waiting in shoals.... I suppose you never saw anything like that.