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Jaap van der Kooij
Email: jaapvanderkooij@chello.nl

I'm 80 years old now and married with my dearest Toos (born in Zeeland) for over 50 years, we are very glad to have three sons and a daughter, they all are married. Thanks to them we have ten grandchildren; seven boys and three girls. They're called Michiel, Mark (he loves Laura), Martijn, Carolien (she loves DaniŽl), Annemiek (she loves Etienne) , Taco, Pim, Rik (his friend is called Joachim), Dennis and Femke. As you see the family has more activities!!!

I was a member of the Dutch NBC where I played in the Master class, I am also a fanatic collector of correspondence games from all over the world and I was the proud editor of the wellknown booklet "Schaak!". 

In 1985 I started creating these chess-bulletins with an electric typewriter, followed soon by my first computer, an Atari 1040 ST! After a while I discovered the power of the Wintel-machines and the wonderful programs Chessbase and Nicbase. I surfed over the Internet with my Pentium II 400 MMX, running under Windows'98. Nowadays I use a AMD 2400+ with Windows XP on it ... powerful enough for me, but I wonder where the Intel/AMD-fight will end? 

I stopped with paper-version of "Schaak!", but the 120 or even more games of the booklets are free to download now; one issue every two weeks! I'm very glad to be out here on the Internet! For more information you can always mail me ...