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2. Actions against the IS or against the 1%

The IS does terrible things but not much worse as what happens in other war zones. At least one million Iraqis died during the Iraq War, IS did not even exist. Western armies interfere and kill many more 99%. The 99% are killed and the 1% continue to earn money, they are never killed, they are not even touched. That we learned in the many years after World War II. Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are only some examples how millions of 99% died because of actions of other 99% who were under the leadership of the 1% 

Why does the IS exist? Because it is not nice to live in those countries. The influence of the rich West is evident by the military presence but also by supporting not very friendly governments. The often miserable situation for most 99% in many Third World countries is not taken away by bombing the IS but only by chasing away the 1%.  Groups that want a world without a 1% have never been supported by the West, one of the reasons that Bin Laden became important and that Iran got an fundamentalist regime.

It is atrocious that many and many thousands of 99% are killed in war zones. But nothing is said about the nearly ten million kids that die each year before they are five years old in countries where the rich leadership is appreciated and supported by the Western 1%.
India is called a democracy but each year about two million kids die there by lack of food, water, medicine, schooling and transport. The Indian 1% does not use their money to improve that situation. The 99% continue to kill other 99% and the 1% remain leading, super-rich and untouched.

The propaganda machine is working at full speed. The IS should be the greatest danger in the world so we must fight them. Then again two parts of the 99% are fighting each other and do not have time to fight the ruling 1%. That occurs also in the Ukraine, one side is “our kind of people” while the other side is very bad so we send supplies and weapons only to the “good” side. But why should we support people who prevent that part of the population can use their own language. Revolts are logical consequences of bad situations. 

Why can the frontiers of countries not be changed, it happened often in the last centuries and recently it happened in the split-up of Yugoslavia.
Our countries in Western Europe are formed by a lot of violence during the last five centuries. In a great part of the rest of the world there was no struggle (they were colonies) and countries were formed by colonists.
We should withdraw from these countries and maybe only send them some technical help. Let them keep their oil and commodities for their own future. When they can independently develop they will not again make the mistakes we made in the world wars and the many economic-financial crises. In a century we get maybe a better world. In the meantime we can concentrate on removing the power and the money from the 1% in our countries. They are different and dangerous for our life. The 99% is also sometimes not very friendly but they are the same as we are, we are also not always very friendly. We should not attack other 99% but direct our energy on putting pressure on the extravagant position of the 1% who cause most of the misery in our world.

To replace their yacht of 50 million euro by a yacht of 100 million euro the 1% propose actions against other 99% we have to carry out. They do not do that to help other 99% but to control and exploit them.
We should only use actions that do not hinder or kill our kind of people, the 99%, and only influence the life and minds of the greatest and wealthiest power in the world, the 1%.

I give ideas for different actions directed against the real culprits, the 1%, in my books. My latest book is “How to make Revolution, developing a Fourth People’s Power”. The book can be downloaded for free from my site “Down with any elite”http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis.

1. Protests don’t help, the 1% continue to live extravagantly.

Protests in rich Western countries are small because many people know that it does not help. The wars in the Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Palestine etc. just continue. The only victims are people who belong to the 99%, the killers also belong to the 99%. The 1% continue to earn money without being directly involved in the fights. In secret back rooms they arrange fightings between parts of the 99%
Even when the 1% hear about protests, they will not listen because they have a higher goal: more money!
Why should the 1% listen to the 99% when protests have no influence on their private life? Why should they listen to people they hardly know, see as inferior and as people who do not understand what is happening?

All protests are in town centres in front of buildings where some 1% may be working. But only the 99% are damaged by the actions. In our countries it means arrests, injuries and lower income, in war countries it means the death of many of them and destruction at random of living places of the 99%. In wars only the 99% die, the 1% wait undisturbed till the war is over and take power again.

Leaders of both sides have often the same goal: getting power to enrich themselves, what happens to the 99% is unimportant, their own life stands central.
The 99% want change but as long as there are no real effective actions they will not participate. Even when they know that the policy is wrong they continue to support the political leaders. They do not see an alternative and in the last fifty years of action they have not seen any real change. Why should they participate?

When again an unarmed black is shot down by the American police the only action is again a small protest. Did past protests help? No, killing of unarmed blacks continues. Why should you participate in protests when it does not help?
That can be said of all protests, they only hurt the protesters and not the leaders, the 1%, who do not want any change.
We need a completely new kind of actions that influence the private life of the 1%. Politicians have often learned to cope with some pressure, the 1% live apart in a different world where they are not influenced at all by what the 99% do.
We need change!

I give ideas for different actions directed against the real culprits, the 1%, in my books. My latest book is “How to make Revolution, developing a Fourth People’s Power”. The book can be downloaded for free from my site “Down with any elite”

Chapter  50
wards a world without a 1%. Discrimination, racism, crime, corruption, greed and much more misery will nearly disappear when there is no 1%

The 1% are the basic cause of much of the misery in the world because
they have the power and the money to implement the paradigm that money dominates decisions and not the idea that all people have the same status. When the money paradigm gets less influence greed and other money related behaviour as corruption and big crime starts to disappear. The motivation to amass money withers away. Different decisions are taken by putting people in first place. When everyone is considered having the same status, the problem of the ten million kids who die each year before they are five years old is tackled at once. In the present money dominated society these kids are unimportant, they do not contribute anything to the wallets of the super-rich.

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Chapter 42.
Actions and action targets. Preventing amassing and using too much money guides the actions of the 99%

"The guerrilla fights the war of the flea, and his military enemy suffers the dog's disadvantages: too much to defend; too small, ubiquitous, and agile an enemy to come to grips with" (Roland Taber). We are small and numerous and actions should also be small and numerous, complying with our strength. A flea can pick up a grain of sand, hundred thousand fleas replace a mountain.

For full text of chapter 42 click on the title

Chapter 41.
Practical ideas to guide actions. Actions should be based on and judged by the new paradigm that all people have the same status

“In battle, there are not more than two methods of attack – the direct and the indirect; yet these two in combination give rise to an endless series of manoeuvers” (Sun Tzu). 
The goal is taking the power and the money away from the 1% and that the separation between the worlds of the 1% and the 99% disappears. Actions should be quite different from past actions that did not succeed in getting a Humane World. People stand central so action targets are people who restrict the freedom, privacy and the well-being of the 99%. The same status means that activists act autonomously without leaders.

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(Nearly all) chapters of the book "How to make Revolution, developing the Fourth People's Power"

All chapters can be read as separate articles.

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0. Preface. Why is there no revolution

Only a Revolution changes the idea that money dominates all decisions in

the idea that all people have the same status. For a Humane Society we

must take the power and the money away from the 1%. The separated and

extravagant world of the 1% should be made uninhabitable.

A. How to make revolution and why did

past revolutions fail

1. How to make revolution and why did past revolutions fail. Activists should develop the autonomous Fourth People's Power

Why is there no revolution?
Because we, activists, do something wrong.
Why were successful revolutions turned around?
Because we, activists, did something wrong.
Let’s do it better!
All revolutions have been bloody – the blood of the 99%.
The next revolution should only see blood – if any – of the 1%.

2. Revolutions only succeed when the 1% is dethroned. Then we get a world without a dominant 1%

3. The Golden Rule for Actions. Damage to the 99% should be minimal, pressure on the 1% ever increasing

4. Autonomous Clubs. The independent Fourth People's Power to make and safeguard the revolution

5. Jean -Paul Marat (1743-1793), revolutionary. Forgotten ideas about how the 99% can get power

6. I am autonomous, I am not left, nor right. The difference between the 99% and the 1% is the most important problem

7. What is power? How the mafia and the 1% use power and how the 99% can become powerful

8. The Fourth People's Power, the autonomous power instrument for the 99%

9. A revolution needs a paradigm shift, new basic ideas for a new society. The idea that everyone has the same status should replace the dominant role of money

10. Revolution is about living people. Not about dead systems, corporations, institutions, banks, buildings or governments

11. People stand central, also in actions. Not what is wrong but who is wrong

12. Autonomous Clubs pressure leading people. They control, veto and eventually punish faulty leaders who violate our freedom, privacy and well-being

13. Resistance instead of protest. Forcing and not asking or begging leaders to take better decisions

14. Chaos and catastrophes. Necessary conditions to get a Humane World in which the 99% have power and the same status.

B. The 1% are the prime target, they have

power most power and money

15. The separated and exclusive world of the 1%. The reason why the 1% want to keep their privileged position 

16. Quotes about the privileged place of the 1% in our society. The reason

 why the 1% are the ultimate target

17. Are the 1% the only target? Also lower bosses can be pressured

18. The pyramid of power and money. Power and money for the 1%, the 99% subordinate and considered inferior

19. Corruption money streams from the 99% to the 1%. Corruption is a focus point for attacking the 1%

20. Taking the power and the money away from the 1%. Preventing that the 1% can use their ill-gotten money

21. Spending 200.000 euro in one year should be the limit! The Few have  not the moral right to use their money on goods and services the Many never can acquire

C. Actions of the past have not changed the world

22. Actions of the past have not changed the world. Out-dated actions gave hardly change and damaged too much the 99%

23. We must not react on them, they must react on us. We must decide and have the initiative, not being dependent on what they do

24. Whining, complaining and crying out loud and then it stops. Old actions are not analysed, individual actions are not proposed

25. Awareness actions are superfluous. The 99% know that the world is wretched but they don't know how to get a better world

D. For a revolution we need movements and not organisations

26. Only movements give change and revolutions. When the 99% do not move nothing will change

27. Revolutions need movements not organisations. Leaders of organisations restrict the creativity of individual 99%

28. Movements need successes but what is success? Positive results inspire the 99%, otherwise they become disillusioned

29. How to get success with Autonomous Clubs. New and more effective action methods by small groups of activists

30. Success after real actions of an Autonomous Club. A practical example of an action by a small Autonomous Club

31. Mass actions are revolts and not (yet) revolutions. Even millions of 99% on the streets gives us no lasting power

32. Egypt, revolution or revolt? Mass actions cause a lot of damage to the 99% but the 1% continue to rule

33. Changing the money paradigm in the same status paradigm. The idea that all people have the same status should dominate all decisions

34. Changing the minds of the 99% and of the 1%. The same status paradigm will penetrate and change all minds.

E. By using guerrilla tactics in a War of the Flea the powerless Many can defeat the seemingly powerful Few

35. The War of the Flea. A thousand bites of a flea are worse than one bite of a tiger

36. Guerrilla tactics (1). Guerrilleros should not confront armies but directly attack the 1%

37. Guerrilla tactics (2) The Fourth People's Power uses its own weapons and tactics to prevent damage to the 99%

38. Violence in actions can not be avoided. Without some violence activists fight with one arm tied to there back

39. What kind of violence? "Non-violence is fine as long as it works" (Malcolm X)

F. Individual actions give more power than mass actions

40. Individual actions versus mass actions. In mass actions others decide in in individual actions we decide

43. Psychological actions, threats, hoaxes and rumours. To change the mind of people psychology is important in actions

44. Actions from a distance, the use of electronics. Damage to the 99% is minimal by using electronic means in actions

45. Actions from a distance, non-electronic actions. Damage to the 99% is also minimal by using non-electronic action means

G. Democracy is approaching its end, the future will be beautiful

46. Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities (1) I am not a democrat, I do not give my power to untrustworthy elected people

47. Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities (2) Democracy is not the best system ever, we need a Humane Society without a 1%

48. Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities (3) Advancing on the road to a different and beautiful future inspires the 99%

49. Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities (4) Decision-taking must be based on the freedom, well-being and activity of the 99%

50. Towards a world without a 1%. Discrimination, racism, crime, corruption, greed and much more misery will nearly disappear when there is no 1%

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Defeat the greed and delete the elite

Nearly ten million kids die each year before they are five years old.
A few greedy grabbers get many millions.

We must change that by making Revolution! 
The Fourth People’s Power of small, alternating Autonomous Clubs carries out actions in the private living sphere of people who belong to the 1% and not against offices, buildings, corporations, institutions or governments that are only instruments by which the 1% control us and make us subordinated. Living people should stand central and not dead objects or systems. All actions should comply with the Golden Rule for Actions that damage to the 99% is minimised and and pressure on the 1% ever increasing. 

By directly intruding in the private living sphere of the 1% we prevent that the rich can use their excessive income, power and wealth to live extravagantly in the exclusive, privileged and cosy eliteworld where the 99% are only allowed to enter as servants. When we have creatively disturbed this eliteworld it becomes uninhabitable and the 1% are forced to descend to our world so we get one world without a greedy and corrupt 1%.

You can demonstrate, vote, strike, boycott, petition etceteras but in the past this never resulted in real change. We must abandon this Old Culture of Protest that only tries to make life a little bit better till the next crisis turns all achievements back. 
For fundamental change we must use a New Culture of Resistance by controlling, vetoing and eventually punishing faulty leaders who violate the freedom, privacy and well-being of common citizens. Then we get a Humane World in which not money determines all decisions but the idea that all people have the same status.

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