Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  11. The end of crime by limiting spending to 200,000 euro in one year


-- August 4 2010 --

Greed, the quest for still more money than you ever can spend, is the prime motive for crime and for the objectionable behaviour of for example top-bankers. They should also be called criminals.  

When I travelled through Colombia there was crime on the streets. A couple was attacked by some youngsters in front of the door of our hotel but luckily when I arrived they choose to run away.
Small dangerous and annoying crime. Mostly because petty criminals also want to have the money big criminals obviously possess. Only money can bring them forward in our society. Criminal activities are their only way to get a nice car, women, booze and drugs.
They know some of their kind have made it big and they want to copy them. Many of the small fry are arrested and detained in too crowded and harsh  prisons. But new recruits are plentiful not in the least because the economic-financial crisis makes life more difficult. Crime is one of the ways to escape the futureless life in dreary shanty towns.
Just outside Bogota I saw the other side of crime, huge castle-like mansions where people live who have made it big. It is not important if their crime is connected with drugs, smuggling people and weapons, plain corruption or white-collar misdeeds. Here you see why crime is thriving and not only in Bolivia.

It is always the same reason: MONEY! 

The solution has of course to be found in the realm of money.
Therefore I propose a spending limit of 200,000 euro in one year.

In the drug trade billions of euros are pocketed by a handful of leaders. Just like bankers and other greedy persons drug traders want to spend that money on exclusive items. They want to distinguish themselves from the rest of the world.  

The repression industry hardly arrest the leaders behind the curtains, the bankers, the white washers, the expensive lawyers, the organisers, the financial experts or the manufacturers of materials necessary to produce drugs.
Of course some stupid leaders are arrested but the prisons are overcrowded with small dealers and users. They do not organise the transport and the distribution of heroine from Afghanistan. Only the top has the capital to organise. In the synthetic drug market small people cannot buy enough PMK it has even become difficult for the big ones. But the big producers of XTC can change to for example saffrol.

To combat the way how to make XTC has proven to fail. Lasting results can only be obtained by giving attention to the human factor, by looking at the reason why people organise the production and distribution of drugs. Now the producers of acetone, saffrol or PMK are never touched in their lavish life for their involvement in the production of drugs. 

The rich top can go on living their luxury life at the cost of the lives of millions of masspeople. Nobody does anything against them, they are accepted in higher circles. And when you have arrived at the top you are safe when you have enough money to stay at the top. It is an exception when a top-person is removed from the world of the prosperous Happy Few. 

When there is a limit to spend 200,000 euro in one year most of these problems will be solved. But only when the expensive, exclusive items that only can be bought by 200,000-plus people cannot be bought anymore.

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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