Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  1. 200,000 euro a year is the LIMIT!

-- February 1 2010 --

Defeat the greed and delete the elite.
Only a tiny minority can spend each year more than 200,000 euro. In the past they were called robber barons, criminals or capitalists, now they are joined by greedy CEO’s, financial and real estate speculants, the jet-set and their servants. Activities directed on this small isolated sector of our society will have a tremendous impact. The world will become friendlier when these people are prevented to live in decadent luxury. You can live very nicely on 200,000 euro a year. 200,000 euro is the limit!

But you cannot buy anymore a Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss of 1.3 million euro, a Riva Duchesse yacht of 7 million or a house of 20 million.
You cannot hang a Van Gogh on your wall, fly to the moon as a tourist, buy dresses of over 50.000 euro, go shopping in Kuala Lumpur when you live in London or pay a yearly fee of 100.000 euro for your favourite golf club. And you have to sack your serving staff, lose your other nine houses and your private plane.
Indeed a drawback but the reason to amass money disappears when extravagant luxury ceases to exist. A few people will suffer but many rejectable sides of our society will disappear. When the super-rich get less, prices go down and maybe there will be enough money to solve the problem of the 10.000.000 kids that die each year before they are five years old.

When you cannot spend your surplus money, why should you want a salary of 10.000.000 euro and still demand bonuses, why should you sell drugs, rob banks, be corrupt or manipulate or embezzle other people. With the disappearance of excessive greed of a few people negative effects as financial and economic crises, rising unemployment and many people losing their homes will also disappear.
The world runs on money but when you cannot spend excessive money anymore, the world will change and become more pleasant. The well-being of all people becomes more important than that some people try to get as much money as possible.

In coming letters I will write about the deeply intruding consequences of this idea on our society, how to implement this idea and how the luxury industry that only caters for a very small group of people with too much money can become obsolete.

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Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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