Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  10. Malaria eradication and 200,000 euro a year is the LIMIT!

-- July 16 2010 --

Malaria is a serous risk for half of the world population. 250 million cases led to nearly a million deaths in 2008. Malaria accounts for 25 to 50 percent of all hospital admissions in Africa.
The world continues to be plagued by the decease but in the last ten years the fight against malaria was disappointing and the financial crisis aggravated the problem.

The UN Millennium Goals will not be met by 2015. It is proved once again that the UN can not secure a decent life for all people. The Goals are empty promises. With a living standard even far above the European masses UN decision-makers are not really interested in solutions. They will never die from malaria.  It cost yearly about one billion dollar to eradicate malaria. The whole ten years program cost far less then the bonuses the American bankers received in 2009! 

What do rich people do which their excessive money? They may buy a Vacheron Constantine Tour dí Ile watch for nearly one million euro. Thousand watches could pay for the eradication program but high-placed circles are more interested in expensive and exclusive gadgets than in the hardship of the People.
They even refuse to look at economic figures that say that in Africa malaria cost about 12 billion dollar a year in lost productivity because of the illness. This money argument should be sufficient in our society that is dominated by money.

But the humane argument should prevail, the eradication program could save the lives of millions of people that are now spilled because of an illness that can be wiped out. When money is not reigning anymore, when all human beings get the possibility to grow old, malaria will disappear.
The simple human demand that nobody should die from curable illnesses is only realised for a small minority in the rich countries. The rest of humanity may or may not die Ė that is not important.

To stop sky-high salaries, bonuses or financial extras is nearly impossible for the People. Common people have hardly any influence on those decisions that are taken by the top itself.
But it is possible to stop the production and distribution of expensive and exclusive gadgets that only can be bought by a tiny minority.
It is possible to invade exclusive and expensive places where the Happy Few is having a good time and where common citizens are excluded.
Everybody can find out where the watches are made and sold. 

I propose an attack on THE DOMINATING REASON why the top does what it does. They want to have an exclusive elitist life where they are not bothered by masspeople.The People have the possibility, the creativity and the power to unite the eliteworld with the massworld. Then money comes available to eradicate all plagues.
Letís make the spending of 200,000 euro in one year the limit for everyone!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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