Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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  14. “200,000 euro in one year is the LIMIT!” is not a Utopia

-- September 27 2010 --

Do something weird and get seemingly impossible results.  

The demand that nobody should ever spend more than 200,000 euro in one year is not a Utopia.

A Utopia is a clear but far away goal. The way towards this goal remains vague.
My goal is vague and far away but the road to the New Humane World is clear, concrete and enjoyable.

Thomas More described in 1516 a Utopia as an imaginary island with a perfect social and political system, an ideally perfect place of things.
That is neither possible nor wanted. Societies move, change and improve. Creative people produce fundamentally different New Worlds. 

Utopians are ardent but impractical reformers who do not know how to accomplish their ideals. But the road to the New Society is more important than the goal, only movement can bring an end to the present untenable situation.

On this road some characteristics of the future society develop. One of these characteristics is the importance of small independent active and changing small groups (see Alternating minorities versus a democracy based on majorities, http://members.chello.nl/jsteenis/catastrophes10.htm). Those groups are not dependent on orders that come from above. Individual people independently select the time, the place and the subject in which they want to be active. 

People who only ask for improvements are time and again deceived by leaders pursuing their own interests. Despite the beautiful words of the UN Millennium Goals ten million kids are still dying each year before they have reached the age of five. It is a Utopia to think that lasting improvements can be reached when you are only active within the boundaries of the present political system.
To change society people have to try something different against leaders who cannot solve big problems as hunger, poverty and war.

People differ from each other but they should have the same status, a decent life. Actions must not be restricted to mass movements in which everybody is expected to do the same as his neighbour. Self-imposed leaders later reap the best fruits for themselves.
When unique people use creative and weird tactics that opponents do not expect, they become a force that cannot be defeated. 

A simple quotation from Gandhi points to the road towards a New Humane World: “There is enough resources in this world for man’s need but not enough for man’s greed”.

People should act against greedy grabbers that appropriate a too big part of the production for the own group.
I propose actions to defeat the greed.
Think what rich people do with their surplus of money. Buying ten houses, private planes, living in five-star hotels, flying to the moon, driving in exclusive and expensive cars, acquiring expensive gadgets etc.
By undermining this life the secluded, privileged, prosperous, safe and exclusive eliteworld will disappear. This concrete goal has nothing in common with Utopian ideas. 

Actions should only be directed against people who prevent that we enter a world without hunger, poverty and wars. That tiny minority usurps too much of the resources of the world. It is necessary to creatively disturb the life of the greedy who prevent that all people have a decent life.  

People will walk towards a New Humane World behind the banner with the guiding slogan that “SPENDING 200,000 EURO IN ONE YEAR IS THE LIMIT” This idea will inspire the creative activity of people who refuse to live in our present unfriendly world. 

A Humane World it is not a Utopia, WE CAN DO IT!

Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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