Spending 200,000 euro in one year
should be the LIMIT!

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 15. Analysis, comment, criticism, where is the action? Spending 200,000 euro is the Limit!

-- October 17 2010 --

Analysing without action leads to nowhere.

The American bankers get this year more than 100 billion euro. Many writers will again comment, analyse or criticise this fact but that will not stop the money flow to a few privileged people.  

Often I am fed up with articles that analyse what is wrong in our society. I want to do something with these facts!
I propose a guiding slogan Spending 200,000 euro in one year is the LIMIT! Too much money is the deeper cause of too much misery.

Maybe criticism contributed to the end of the Vietnam War but the top hardly listened. History repeated itself in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fundamental change did not come any nearer and new wars are around the corner about water, oil, Iran or Korea wars that must continue the dominance of the West. Hunger, poverty and misery have also not disappeared.

Only analysing what leaders do is not sufficient. The central question should be: What can we do to increase the chance to get a better world.
Spending 200,000 euro in one year should be the limit! forces leaders to listen. Then we advance on the road to another world without interference from people up there who have their own agenda.  

What WE CAN DO is a difficult question. It is connected to the central problem why the elite continues to rule the world.
All proposed solutions have failed.
Revolutions occurred in many countries but only brought a new elite in power.
Some people try to get new leaders but these new forces always have more interest in their own life than in the life of common citizens.
Sometimes new political parties are founded but the past shows that all these parties hardly changed our wretched world.
Still others want people to write to elected representatives though this has not given much positive result in the past.
Many good-willing people want to demonstrate, boycott, sign petitions, feed and teach poor people etceteras though again the results have been very meagre.
Then there are people who are building their own better society though in the past the big world often invaded these happy enclaves.

All these activities only soften the harsh sides of the present world. A fundamental change from a world dominated by money to a world where people are the most important beings will never occur. The centre of power is analysed but never attacked.

All activities are based on the idea that when enough people ask leaders to change their decisions it will indeed happen. But people at the top do not read the analyses and comments and are protected from the masses by politicians, the media and in the end by security forces.

Critical articles undermine the trust in political leaders. Still less people vote for parties in the centre of the political power. In The Netherlands the parties who had been in power since the masses got the right to vote got twenty years ago 80 percent of the vote, in 2010 it was hardly 50 percent. 

The mentality of The People is changing, it is a first step to realise that we have to take power in our own hands.
But The People still have to take new steps on the road that leads from the present miserable world to a New Humane World.

I read hardly anything about what YOU AND I CAN DO. The road to a New Humane is not opened.
Writers do not wonder if leaders listen to The People.
They do not question if their analysing and criticizing has results.
They do not have any idea how to implement their criticism. 

Many wise words have been written about the causes of the financial crisis but the greedy grabbers are still on top. I have not seen any action against people who were the cause of the misery. Not from trade-unions, not from political parties, not from juridical powers, not from sympathetic analysts. The creators of the crash have remained untouched.

To change our world something new is needed.


I ask all good-willing analysts and commentators to include in their articles what common citizens can do.
Do write about what WE CAN DO to stop the greed and the wish to get still more money at the cost of the life of other people. 


Joost van Steenis (downwithelite@gmail.com)

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